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Global Scalable Asset Protection


We present you the DEZOS Ecosystem. DEZOS fight against crime like theft, fraud & conterfeiting. We bridges the gap between the traditional prosecution and asset protection and are the new world and home of trust.

About Dezos

The DEZOS protocol is a unique, virtual inventory based on blockchain technology. This inventory allows for a clear ownership status as well as other relevant records of a so-called item to record throughout its lifetime, transfer to someone else, or verify authenticity. Using a combination of unique features, a digital fingerprint is generated that determines the item and its initial ownership status (Item Genesis).

Lost & Found revolutionized - Search engine for property with reward program. Worldwide there is no search engine for property based on blockchain. But most items that are lost have a unique identifier, like a serial number or VIN number. If someone finds a physical item, he can search for this item on the DEZOS search engine and sees if the item is flagged as “LOST” or “STOLEN”. If that is the case, the owner of the item can set a reward on the items. So, the finder can contact the owner over an anonymous messenger and arrange the return of the item and collect the reward for it. No third party must be involved into this process anymore. This system works worldwide with ease.

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, is a distributed database that manages an ever-growing list of records called "blocks" that are protected from manipulation and revision without the need for central authority. Blockchain's core characteristics are immutability, speed, and security, providing the ideal platform for tracking and protecting valuable assets and critical data. The records encrypted on the blockchain are permanent and can not be changed. This provides one single version of the truth and gives security in terms of the authenticity of the data.

The decentralized nature of Blockchain provides the highest level of datarecord security. Information is additionally secured by cryptographic methods. These core capabilities of the blockchain technology are those that adopts the DEZOS protocol and provides them for essential use cases. DEZOS does not develop any other abstract concept that only a fraction of the specialists understands. The DEZOS protocol uses the most powerful features of blockchain technology to create realistic use cases with the highest added value.

The Team

Thomas Bocek

Senior Software Engineer & ICO Advisor

Sperb Machado

Senior Software Engineer & ICO Advisor

Maurice zum Felde

Software Engineer

Paul Mayer

Software Engineer

Sanjiv Jha

Software Engineer

Tim Haag

Web development & Cloud Space Specialist

Rainer Brosy

Community Manager & Content Creator

Arash Jahedmanesh

Community Manager & Content Creator

Frederike Steschulat

Community Manager

Sven Zimmermann

Human Ressources

Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna

Legal & Regulatory Advisor

Michael Guzik

ITO & Exchange Advisor


Privacy & Corporate Structure Advisor

Jürg Bühlmann

Legal Advisor & Lawyer

Bernhard Elkuch

ICO Advisor

Sina Rafati Niya

Blockchain Advisor

Carl Christian Anders

Business Development Advisor

Marc Fischer

Insurance Advisor & Ambassador

Bruno Schläpfer

Technical Advisor

René Hauri

Law Enforcement & Digital Crime - Co-Founder & CEO

Kay Stutz

Mobile Forensic Specialist - Co-Founder & CTO

Steffen Pahl

Marketing & Web Development - Co-Founder & CMO

Christian Rieser

Distribution Specialist - Co-Founder & COO

Achim Jenner

Chief Strategy Officer

Dominik Strobel

Blockchain native - Co-Founder & CIO


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