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The First Decentralized Competence Platform


LifeTask – the human potential source The decentralized competence matching platform based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. No more sending out CVs and application letters. Lifetask enables the total control of your data by using blockchain and smart contracts for secure data.

About LifeTask

The two most important things in your life are the day you´re born, and the day you find out why. What you must keep in mind is that although your talents will probably allow you to forge an incredible career, your career is what you’re paid for, and your calling is what you’re made for.

Have you ever been asked what your passion is? What was your answer? Have you ever been asked what you’re capable of?

The feeling of being creative, able and productive – of feeling capable – can bring a deep sense of joy and fulfilment to us all, but it requires passion and self-belief to be experienced.

When it comes to a job, the million-dollar question to concern yourself with is not what you’re going to get out of it, but what you can become as a result of doing it. After all, happiness is not contained in monetary gain alone, however it is contained in becoming aware of your true potential and being able to achieve it. The key to the future you desire is YOU.

A fulfilling life doesn’t happen by chance. It’s something that’s envisioned, created and built. Your destiny is in the palm of your hands.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to learn to listen to your intuition. One of the things that’s even harder is learning to trust it. Your intuition never shouts, but whispers.

The Team

Lukas Hubert


Mario Urschitz

CMO & International Speaker

Kris Stelljes

Head of Online Marketing

Stefan Zavrel

Data Security Engineer, Senior Software Programmer

Vadym Bondar

Backend Programmer

Yuriy Tischenko

Q & A Engineer, AI & Chatbot Developer

Michael Draxler

Head of project cooperation

Lorenz Sondergeld

Business Consultant

Raymund Scheffler

Financial Advisor

Wolfgang Kainz


Harald Plewka

Legal Advisor

Andreas Kremla


Martin Hefler

Head of IT infrastructure

Timur Roman

Graphic Design

Andrii Hryn

Online Marketing Manager

Andrii Guliak

Mobile App Develop

Kyrylo Komburley

Frontend Programmer

Yuriy Vasylchyk

Backend Programmer

Maks Reznichenko

Online Cooperation Manager & Social Media Bots

Olekseiy Kolodkin

Online Cooperation Manager

Gerry Spilak

Head of Cooperation Corporates East & South East

Alexandra Lupu

Head of Media Relations

Peter Hlavac


Ivana McCann

Head of International Relations

Harald R. Schildenfeld

CEO, Co-Founder business creator


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