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 BitWings (PreICO)

BitWings (PreICO)

Secure Consumer Electronics


BitWings token, a native currency of Wings Mobile ecosystem, has 100% guaranteed issuing value and is the only means to pre-order the first (40 000) ultra-secure blockchain smartphones in the world able to generate up to 2 ETH a month without any power consumption, powered with graphene battery and neural technology. Our exclusive software for X-generation devices include: • Safe Core OS™, a secure operating system based on neural technology built within commercial Android systems. Thanks to the implementation of the new MediaTek Helio P60 NeuroPilot™ CPU, Wings Mobile devices enter the neural era with the implementation of AI. • Neural Face ID™ gives the ability to recognize the difference between users and strangers, allowing access to users’ menus and applications accordingly. • Wings Guardian 2.0™ verifies and warns the user if an attempt is being made to access an application or data, blocking and removing Android permissions, even in sleep mode. • WingsPay ™ triple authentication protocol (FaceID, fingerprint, and PIN) allows secure access to an e-wallet equipped with a payment system, based on blockchain technology. It is used for transactions online and within physical stores, for recurring payment services, for peer to peer money transfers and for the purchase of applications within the Wings Playstore™.

About BitWings (PreICO)

WINGS MOBILE is a mobile network operator, a software developer house and, finally now a producer of electronic products. Thanks to this triple activity, combined with a sophisticated sensibility aimed at cutting edge leadership, it perfectly links the current needs of users with technological innovation, providing solutions and unique products in the world. Since its foundation in 2007 until 2016, it has been competing in the wholesale Business To Business (B2B) market, offering its services to the main telecommunications operators such as: Ono (nowadays Vodafone), Jazztel ( Orange), Tata, Belgacom, and many others. In 2017, the organization decided to enter the Retail market, directly distributing its services and products to the end customer and, creating its own distribution system. This possed an enormous challenge for a little-known brand, in a traditionally controlled area by large-scale distributors that preferred established and demanded brands. 

The Team

Vera Zhang

China Office Director

Maurizio Sorini

VAS Sales Director

Erminio Ferrari

Airdrop Manager

Ida Delle Donne

Office Director

Alessandro Marchi

Web Marketing

Kiko Serrano

Senior Graphic Designer

David Gonzalez

Network Sales Director

Domenico Cantone

Web Marketing Director

Damian Tirante

Web Designer

Lorenzo Bove

Cyber Security Director

Marisa Ruiz

Financial Director

Virginia Albelda

Social Media Wings

Max Dramisino

Network Advisor

David Alija


Marco Realini


Saurabh Sharma

Media Relations Advisor

Farhana Meghami

Social Media Advisor

Antonio Milio

CEO, Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Daniele Bianchini

Chairman & Co-Founder

Evan Luthra

Top Advisor & Tech Mentor

Fabrizio Meli

General Manager

Sherine Lim

ICO Director

Francesco Macri

Institutional Relations

Andrea Della Balda

Global Business Development

Alessandro Traversari

Technical Device Director

Sebastian Lucero


Raul Lloveras

Director Marketing & Store

Ernesto Kruger

Investor Relationship

Juan Pablo Moreno

Team Director

Freddy Ramirez

Blockchain Network Director

Cristian Castro

Crypto Engineer Director


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