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New Paradigm of Internet


The limitations of speed and the constant increase in the size of ledger of current public Blockchain is limited to being established in reality, which results in reduction of node participation and increase in network cost due to the escalating size of the data capacity. "Grabity provides an innovative Blockchain platform for global ecosystem and Blockchain users." Grabity’s platform allows to solve the limitation in the speed of authentication and the size of the distributed storage accumulated in each node increasing equally, thus reducing the efficiency of the entire network and reducing node scalability, through Orbital Consensus and Genesis Hoisting. Through the SDK and Toolkit provided by Grabity, developers can easily apply Blockchain and tokenize to existing applications and benefit from global expansion of services, expansion of users, and cost savings. Without any purchase of expensive mining equipment, anyone can easily become a node in providing their computer resources and receive rewards with just a click to their smartphones, PCs, and already installed DApps.

About Grabity

From the birth of Internet in the 1960s, it took more than 30 years to be commercialized. The Blockchain technology has developed from the start of Bitcoin in 2009, but Blockchain technical-performance still need improvement and be standardized in order to be commercialized. Just as the Dot-Com Bubble of the early 2000s, many IT companies attempted to fuse with many transitional Blockchain technology to create Blockchain businesses. Likewise, Internet businesses cannot grow without the Internet technology, and Blockchain-based business market will be difficult to establish until the development of Blockchain technology.

Grabity is committed to becoming the standard protocol with the priority of developing public Blockchain. Grabity will build a truly decentralized network optimized for P2P communication for commercializing simultaneous transaction processing and distributed storage technology through Genesis Hoisting and Defrag Function technology.

The Team

Jangwon Lim

Founder & CEO

Junho Lee

Co-Founder & COO

Eddie Bak

Co-Founder & CTO

Johny Jeon Hoeun


Sam Lee


Sunny Chung


Jacob Park

Develop Lead

Keunyeong Yun

Software Engineer

Se-il Jeong

Software Engineer

Dona Kang

Design Lead

Kwon Son

Community Manager

Jack Lee

Chinese Marketing Manager

Joon Jung

Spanish Marketing Lead

Jaehyeon Kim

Spanish Marketing Manager

Jaeha Park

Korean Marketing Manager

Duksoo Kim


Minwoo Nam


Junwoo Kang


Sunghyun Moon


Leon Kim



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