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 Zimrii (PreICO)

Zimrii (PreICO)

Ecosystem of Digital Creative Assets


Zimrii is a music and film platform and global digital assets exchange. It introduces a better way for music and film creators to realise more value from their creations, while deepening relationships with their existing fans and attracting new fans through innovative engagement mechanisms.

About Zimrii (PreICO)

Zimrii was founded in 2016 with a mission to develop Blockchain applications that usher in a new era in creativity by empowering music and film makers to realize more value from their art, enabling consumers to discover and experience existing and new global talent.

Our vision is to become the leading global platform for independent music and film by facilitating the discovery and consumption of these digital assets, providing the environment for existing and new creative talent to reach new audiences, derive new revenue streams, collaborate more effectively and gain global exposure to their music or film-making.

Both the music and film industries share similar characteristics with regards to the concentration of large corporations; who dominate the industry to the detriment of the large, global pool of talented, independent creators who struggle to achieve any form of success. The current music and film value chains are weighted against them in favour of the large corporations and middlemen, reducing the value to the creators.

Our Blockchain solution, combined with the implementation of the distributed file system, IPFS will result in music and film creators being able to realise a more effective direct to fan model, creating network effects which benefits both parties, develop new sources of revenue generation activities, and create new engagement and relationships with music and film fans, supporters and consumers across the globe.

The Team

Mo Jalloh

Co-Founder & CEO

Paolo Gava

Co-Founder & CTO

Denisa Cerna

Product Manager

Amy Gates

Product Manager, Zimrii Music

Hamza Askari

Developer/ Tester

Tharaka Manawardhana


Ranga Fernanda


Danushka Perera

Security Risk and Compliance

Jamie Brasco

Marketing / Brand Strategist

Georgia Pumfrey-Green

Community/Marketing Manager

François Le Page

Board Advisor

Michael Rom

Board Advisor

Rico Soto

Board Advisor

Glen Giffen

Board Advisor

David Chung

Creo Legal Law Form

Mehdi Zerouali

Sigma Prime Blockchain & Cybersecurity

Raj Dhonota



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Price in ICO
0.1500 USD
Tokens for sale

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Min. investment
0.1 ETH
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