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Cryptocurrency Exchange Managed By Community


BCEDEX is a community controlled exchange. Platform providing beginner and advanced traders, investors and institutions with a user-friendly crypto exchange that combines best practices by merging elements of centralised and decentralised trading platforms.


The purpose of this document is to extend the inherent limitations and disadvantages of the security of existing centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and to developa hybrid approach to the crypto - trading process.

This document also highlights the unique functions of transactions and security, the user capabilities offered by BCEDEX is a decentralized exchange that combines best practices, combining elements of centralized and decentralized trading platforms.

The document will show how users of the exchange will be able to influence the development and popularity of the BCEDEX exchange.

It will also demonstrate how, based on a decentralized exchange, user funds are not stored on the exchange, which makes these funds more secure than those stored on centralized exchanges. The decentralized exchange of BCEDEX will provide improved liquidity and superior user experience.

The White Paper contains an additional timeline and a roadmap for exchanging, including key information about the planned upcoming pre - placement of coins (ICO) and the subsequent sale of tokens.

The Team

Sergey Krugly

CO-Founder & CEO

Alexei Kropotkin

CO-Founder & Blockchain Delevoper

Tatiana Baklanova

Project Developer

Mikhail Sorin

Head of Trading

Liza Melek

UX/UI Designer

Irina Popova

Community Manager


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