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Real-Estate Industrialization and Tokenisation


We aim to break mobility barriers by proposing underused ownership models easily developed with Blockchain while reducing Real-Estate maintenance and overall costs and fees with our already patented construction methods that enable us to build in bulk from factories.

About Rilstat

Global property cost is an impediment to home ownership and is one aspect of the rise in price of renting. Actual construction methods aren’t innovative. While housing construction is simpler than engineering an automobile they cost approximately 10 times more. These outdated methods affect building time, generally significant because of high proportion of manual labor involved. The real estate market also relies on multiple intermediaries increasing overall cost of accommodation. Building materials bearing similar costs around the globe, the overall cost of ownership can be up to 10 fold from one country to another. Numerous people aren’t satisfied by the actual occupation and ownership model our society offers. Ownership and right of use of property as conceived as of today don’t fit the changing needs of the majority. Furthermore long acquisition cycles have become an obstacle to mobility.

On the land dealing aspect, our experience provides us with highly accurate data unavailable to the public market, thus increasing substantially our room for manoeuvre in the unforgiving market that is real estate. We aim to provide participants, clients, buyers and sellers with a different ownership model, based of right of use including every single expense accounting for the said property instead of traditionnal property rights with ever changing fees.

On the construction aspect, our approach consists of building renovation, redevelopment of retail areas, construction of individual and small joint housing in high potential areas to addresse the above exposed problems. At equivalent cost our solution will double the provided habitable surface. For newly built constructions we will be able to significantly lower the risks of deterioration due to land subsidence thanks to compliance with the most drastic standards. Our patented solutions for industrialization of contruction work will diminish construction times and maintenance, thus reducing significantly building and maintenance costs. Our solutions lets us double the floor space of housing at no additional cost. The low acquisition cost also lets us offer housing with high rental profitability while also offering a right of use or property rights in high quality building stocks. These different approches and solutions let us adress any needs, aspirations or wishes for the new generations to come.

The Team

Jérôme Philippe ANTOINE

Real Estate Expert - CEO

Vincent MOROUX

Blockchain Enthusiast - CTO


Wealth management expert - North America sourcing

Frédéric LAIR

Maghreb and Eurasia sourcing


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