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Cloud Computing and Storage on AI Devices


The ability to share computing resources, merging computers and their processors (CPU/GPU) from the widely distributed global location. NATEE project pragmatically harnesses and liberates substantial portions of the collective powers from 8 billion mobile devices around the world in a coordinated and optimized way. NATEE will launch a specially developed workload management system to maximize the efficient use of underutilized mobile devices, smart watches, and IoT devices (Internet of Things) while minimizing overall costs.

About Natee

Global computing power is a critically important resource of our time. While most internet enabled mobile devices sit idle, on standby, they are under-utilized. NATEE’s platform can empower a new generation of smartphone users to earn passive income while awake, or asleep by simply downloading a mobile app. Today’s smartphones CPU/GPU cores are more powerful than most desktop computers, so with Wi-Fi & 4G are ripe for sharing. Intensive R&D projects will pay top dollar for available computational outsourcing of “Big Data” (petabytes).

Computing power is the critically important resource of our time, yet is mostly untradeable, because it is dispersed across the globe, segregated on businesses servers, or dedicated to personal desktops, laptops and smartphones. While mobile devices’ power is on, they are largely under-utilized, sitting idle waiting for a call, and especially unused when people sleep.

An innovative way has recently been developed by NATEE to safely capture various parts of your mobile devices’ performance redundantly and with dynamic scalability. It can share memory capacity and processing capacity. The NATEE platform bridges these shared capacities and commoditizes computer power in a coordinated way. NATEE views your mobile device as a virtual gold mine! There is the precious potential of your smartphone’s CPU / GPU processor core and available unused memory.

NATEE estimates to capture 2 percent of the cloud computing market share by creating a disruptive “mobile grid network” to efficiently cope with Big Data with scalability.

The Team

Nuttapong Wong-aree

CEO & Co-Founder

Samret Wajanasathian

CTO & Co-Founder

Eakkarach Pusuwan

COO / Co-Founder

Nguyen Tan Dat

Data Scientist, AR, Deep learning

Chaiyapong Lapliengtrakul

Data Scientist

Chanon Yaklai

Blockchain and fullstack Developer

Rujee Lorpitthaya

Research Scientist, Consultant and Entrepreneur

Songkran Wajanasathian

SETPointer, ฺBitcoin and Litecoin Entrepreneur

Dusit Niyato

PhD, IEEE Fellow. School of Computer Science and Engineering College of Engineering

Niracharapa Tongdhamachart

Principle Investigator for "Grid Computing for 3D CGI Rendering"

Thomas Schibli

Blockchain Advisor, and Founder of cBanQ - Crypto Banq International

Viren Gandhi

Blockchain Advisor & Strategist

Pongsakorn Sutantayawalee

Digital Marketing | Founder Bitcoin Trader Thailand

Puuwamate Akkachairin

Financial Advisor

Charaslah Bhumiwat

Legal Advisor

Worawut Worawittayanon



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