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Accelerating Biotech Breakthroughs


Biohal is a decentralized preventive medicine platform that extensively uses liquid biopsy authentication protocol to detect Cancer and Alzheimer's at early stages. Biohal's mission is to create a universally available preventive medicine platform that runs on blockchain with liquid biopsy protocol. By joining hands with PROTEO, the first liquid biopsy research partner, Biohal can detect cancer and alzheimer's at early stages. With minimally invasive markers, Biohal's test accuracy remains at 99%.

About Biohal

BIOHAL OPEN NETWORK is a decentralized preventive medicine platform with liquid biopsy authentication protocol that enables secure and transparent exchange and usage of a variety of medical data.

As liquid biopsy experts, we are having an extremely difficult time to know the fact that most people recognized their cancer at stage 1 to 4, needed an emergency surgery or already cannot be cured.

Our mission is to eliminate that situation and find their disease at stage 0.

The Team

Yuki Hasegawa

CEO & Founder

Kensho Yorozu


Yoshitaka Fukuzawa


Akinobu Gotoh


Youichi Chikamoto



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