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Next Generation Casino Ecosystem


With Nevula, asset using blockchain technology or digital identity can be digitalized, and the digital asset using smart contract can be managed by oneself. A “smart economy” can be realized in the privacy-focused distributed network. The token holder can use the issued token as a casino chip, or exchange it to the casino machine with the collected token. It becomes a protected asset on the blockchain, and assets around the casino industry and blockchain industry among the ecosystem will be built.

About Nevula

Nevula is a token and going to be used at online and land-based casino platform led by Japanese-content slot machines with an actual worldwide achievement.  This project has gained the help of partners expanding and aiming high in the field of gaming machines in Southeast Asia.  To pursue a higher entertainment and larger possibility in this business field,  issuing tokens is the best solution we believe. Nevula Token has several features to ensure the real value by collaborating with existing online and land-based casino platforms. This utility token can be changed into casino chips and used for casino service so it can encourage the prosperity of entertainment business in the world.

As the market in Asian regions has grown fast every year and Japan has a high expectation on the rapid growth in the integrated resort (IR) business, the whole market is also expected to be expanding. Moreover, assets can be digitalized by Nevula’s blockchain technology and digital identity, and the digital assets can be managed by ourselves in order to realize a  “smart economy” by the distributed network focusing on the secure privacy. The other aspect of Nevula is that it is one of a few blockchain solutions covering all kinds of benefits such as decentralization, transparency, low transaction costs,  quality of data and so on. Because it focuses on the circulation of assets and expansion in the market, the value of the token is stable.

The Team

Masafumi Shimizu


Da Yan


Iñaki Olano


Junte Chon



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