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Innovative Platform for Tourism


Uzoma is a decentralized hotel voucher ecosystem that is supported by the Ethereum Blockchain. People can find the best prices for the hospitality industry in Bali. We are creating a revolution in the tourism sector by cutting the OTA monopoly track. Uzoma is an Ecosystem where anyone can find the cheapest travels without paying unfair commissions to middlemen that have no added value. Trough that ecosystem will every one profit. We are providing an easy all-in-one Blockchain Solution by using cryptocurrency while traveling. Our mission is to provide an easy, affordable and secure platform to pay Flights, Hotels, Tours and special Services in Bali. Our customers love us for our low fees, bundling options and reselling services.

About Uzoma

Uzoma is a socio-economic platform from Bali that has 4 (four) main ecosystems, named block chain-based on tourism, entertainment, financial and market place, users can book hotel rooms, airline tickets, vacation packages that are in Bali, and it provides advertisement place to users by supporting media which is concerning their respective business fields.

By joining as a member of Uzoma user community, you will get more affordable price than other similar business promos, and you can get benefit like general business. A combination of payment systems through voucher exchanges in cryptocurrency that is carried out by Uzoma, it makes users are able to enjoy better services and be able to get benefits as their routine costs, besides that, each user can participate in social missions to increase potential tourism places and cultural destinations in Bali, besides participating in increasing human resources in Information Technology field for millennial generation, increasing the potential of the smallest region (Village), and being able to make Uzoma platform a great gateway for anyone in the world to participate the progress of Bali’s tourism object, in order to be able to maintain Bali as the world's most popular tourism destination and it can be recommended to be the great tourism object in the world community. 

The Team

Made Budiartawan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Komang Juniawan

Co-founder & Chief Operational Officer

Kadek Mardika

Co-founder & Business Strategy

Made Bagus Kertha Negara

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Eka Paramartha

Web Developer

Adi Setiawan

Blockchain Developer

Gede Astika

Tourism Ecosystem Director

Ngurah Toyet


Kadek Agus Supriadi


Anjur Budi Kustanto


Björn Medernach


Gede Ary Priyambada Sutedja


Komang Sedana


Achmad Surya Afandy


Krystelle Galano

Marketing Advisor

Sanem Avcil



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