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Welcome to Talentchain


TalentChain, powered by Blockchain, bridges the prevalent trust deficit among students, universities, employees, recruiters and govt bodies, and serves as a single source of truth for all the stakeholders. It enables considerable and tangible cost reduction in qualifying learning and education admissions, recruitment and related statutory processes. Talentchain is a unique presentation of the knowledge asset that is securely verifiable and endorsable across various stakeholders.

About Talentchain

What is the worth of an individual? Is it measurable in any quantifiable unit? Unit, maybe not exactly, but we are the sum of our individual accomplishments be it educational, professional or of personal experiences. And, what signals our achievements and laurels? Certificates and documents like university degrees, resumes, experience letters, accreditation letter etc to a large extent validates our very existence and makes us eligible in many spheres of life.

Nowadays, most job applications are made by sending CVs online to employers or head-hunters. But, it becomes a herculean task for the recruiters to validate the credentials mentioned and provided as supporting documents. Thus, significant level of fraud has crept into the recruitment supply chain with companies facing disastrous consequences ranging from loss of productivity due to bad hires amidst rising costs.

Moved by this world-wide problem, our team is creating Talentchain, a platform wherein Universities and Institutes will be creating, maintaining and issuing digital certificates on the Blockchain to students. Every individual will have their very own tamper proof and trusted certificate vault. Corporates can easily check for authenticity of any individual, after getting the necessary permission for verification from this platform.

The Team

Rangin Lahiri

Founder and CEO

Ayon Hazra

Co-Founder & Business Development Head

Shaik Hamdan

Sales Director, Middle East

Debmalya Changdar

Head of Business Consulting

Subham Mitra

Blockchain Engineering Head

Vijay Kandy

Ethereum Guru, Tech Hacker, Crypto Expert

Nicole Van Haelst

Product Advisor for fostering Global Talent

Sandeepan Bose

Chief Product Technologist

Sayan Sengupta

Marketing Communication & Tokenomics

Clarence Tan

Researcher & Innovator

Sandeep Sakharkar

Product and Business Strategy Coach and Advisor

Dileep Srinivasan

Digital Strategist & North America Business

Siddharth Banerjee

Marketing Communication, Consumer Insight & Brand Management

Mathijs Koper

Business & Market Insight, Europe

Sameer Kala

Business Operations and Finance Excellence


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100 USD
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