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iTrue aims to make lives easier and safer through innovation. Current authentication systems are either too insecure or too inconvenient to use, thus perpetuating an environment of high risk. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, and other similar methodologies can significantly reduce the risk of such breaches , but are not being widely adopted. The problem is user experience — MFA complicates and slows down the process of logging in, thus discouraging its adoption among businesses and their users. In addition, users are reluctant to trust centralized authentication systems. For one, there is a prevailing fear that their data will be misused or misappropriated. Centralized systems are also prone to failure themselves. There needs to be a solution that addresses privacy, security, and convenience. iTrue is the solution.

About iTrue

iTrue is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform with a built-in system for user authentication with biometrics and unmatched privacy controls. iTrue empowers enterprises and developers to build secure, stable, and extensible applications. With iTrue, individual users can earn rewards for sharing their data. Business users can also earn from participating in the data and decentralized app marketplaces.

iTrue addresses the age-old problem of blockchains that severely limit functionality and extensibility. With iTrue at the core, any kind of module can be connected through APIs, and such modules can be written with any programming language, unlike Ethereum, which is limited to Solidity and whose smart contracts rely on limited bytecode.

iTrue’s BaaS combines the advantages of blockchain and database, which results in fast processing speed and unlimited data capacity. This results in a robust search capability, which is unmatched by any blockchain solution today. There is virtually no restriction on the size and type of stored data, as there is no volume increase in geometric progression with the addition of any new block -- a limitation that restricts existing blockchains.

What Solutions Does iTrue Provide?

iTrue addresses three major pain points for three main groups of people.

For developers: iTrue gives the ability to build decentralized applications on top of the iTrue blockchain and Stone Storage solution. Apps and smart contracts can be written in any programming language. Stone Storage provides unmatched processing speed and data capacity, overcoming the transaction and storage capability of purely blockchain solutions.

For users: iTrue gives complete ownership and control over their personal data. Biometric authentication gives seamless access without the need for devices or gadgets.

For businesses: iTrue provides improved compliance to privacy regulations like GDPR. Through the data and app marketplaces, business users can either gain access to meaningful data, or earn by building decentralized apps.

What Makes iTrue Unique?

For users, iTrue is a personal gadget-free technology, which means authentication can be done without the need for a smartphone, key, or even a password. This gives seamless hands-free access to services, unhampered by cumbersome devices, whilst still protecting a user’s security and privacy.

For businesses and developers, iTrue’s Stone Storage offers unprecedented processing speed and data capacity, which leads to a robust search capability while providing high levels of security and privacy to user data.

Why Should I Invest in iTrue? 

The ITU token economy brings together individual and business users into a single ecosystem with unlimited opportunities for scalability, all under a decentralized platform for identification and data storage. By investing in the ITU utility token today, you can have an early advantage in the ITU token economy and access controlled gains whether as a business, a developer, or a user.

The Team

Anton Gorozhankin

Chief Technology Officer

Mikhail Podlinev

Chief Operating Officer

Maxim Tkachenko


Abhishek Gangwar

Chief CV Engineer

Antoshi Popov

Chief Strategy Officer

Maxim Akinin

Senior Software Developer

Evgeny Prosvirin

Frontend Developer

Jared Polites

Head of Marketing

J. Angelo Racoma

Content Strategist

Egor Savushkin

Business Development Manager, CIS region

Raul Abdullin

Art Director

Maria Anishchenkova (Sometti)

Lead PR Manager

Pankhuri Bansal

Analyst and Research Writer

Elano Silveira

PR Manager, LATAM

Heather Lo

Community manager, ASEAN

Ann Okruzhko

Community manager, CIS

Ahmad Aliek

Financial Strategy Advisor

Raphael Hukai

Chief Technology Advisor


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 ITU = 0.01 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
100 USD
Distributed in ICO

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