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 Stem Cell (PreICO)

Stem Cell (PreICO)

Stem Cells on Blockchain


At SCI, we are devoted to the international research, development, and implementation of stem cell therapy. We are also expanding our network with professionals, labs, clinics, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations. Our ultimate goal at SCI is to connect people who need treatment with the right dedicated solutions and professionals for their unique needs. At SCI, we believe such connections should be convenient and at your fingertips, just as so many other services are in modern society. We imagine a world where each and every person, no matter where they come from, will be able to connect with a Stem Cel Specialist instantly through our Stem Cell Innovations application (SCI Application), and in the same connection be able to decide when and how much confidential information to share with professionals.

About Stem Cell (PreICO)

Stem Cell Innovations (SCI) is a network of highly motivated researchers, expert medical professionals, dedicated investors, and innovative engineers working together to create a unique platform that brings together two of the most life-changing innovations of the 21st century: stem cell technology and blockchain technology.

Since its initial founding in early 2013 under the name Camden RAD, LLC, SCI has played a crucial role in stem cell research and development around the world, and we has conducted our own domestic and international case studies to further the research in this exciting field. SCI’s activities in the field of stem cell science have directly contributed to advancements in the field, as well as to new stem cell discoveries around the world.

Stem cells are a unique type of multicell found in the body of human beings. It is an undifferentiated collection of cells that are capable of providing countless applications in the development of new cells for use in the treatment of diseases and conditions, recovery and restoration of body parts, and with our research and development, many more applications to come.

To date, SCI’s areas of study have included orthopedic, neurological, and pulmonary conditions, as well as oncological stem cell applications. Although research conducted by SCI has made strides in these areas of medicine, there remains
an immediate need for further research and development across a vast nexus of medical conditions that impact millions of people around the world. As a leader in stem cell research, SCI plans to continue to organize and participate in many more case studies to aggregate data that can be used to advance this innovative field.

Based on our research, we’ve been able to identify countless applications for stem cell therapies including treatments
for conditions such as bone marrow transplants, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, learning disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, missing teeth, wound healing, spinal cord injury, baldness, blindness, deafness, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and multiple forms of cancer, as well as numerous other conditions. While advancements have been made in stem cell research previously, the introduction of blockchain technology means that more people can gain access to these potentially life-changing treatments -- effectively changing the face of the medical community forever.

SCI, along with its affiliates, continues to closely monitors the evolution of stem cell therapy in different medical subspecialties around the world. SCI has created an online community that shares important information from stem cell professionals’ research and contributions across multiple social platforms so there is congruity amongst key players and those that are most interested in stem cell research and the impact it can make on people’s lives. SCI’s network fosters a community where sharing and teaching is encouraged to grow the stem cell industry. SCI’s online community offers access to videos, blogs, and articles about stem cell research that educate, inform, engage, and aim to increase awareness amongst professionals, patients and investors in the proliferation of the stem cell field.

Having recognized the potential industry-changing link between stem cell research with the secure nature of blockchain technology, SCI moves to bridge the gap between accessing and understanding of stem cell research and development around the world while creating a collaborative and effective network of key players in the industry.

The Team

Moe Galal

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Ben Barel

Chief Operations Officer / Co-Founder

Ali Alrashidi

Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

Matt Galal

Chief of Staff / Co-Founder

Kobi Barel

Operations Engineer / Co-Founder

John Glavinovich, M.D.

Medical Director

Philip Glukhovsky, D.C.

Health Informatics Manager

Roger Williams

VP of Marketing

Liz Curlett

VP, PR & Corporate Communications

Candice Kouchache

Business Development

Ahmed Elsantawi

VP of International Human Resources

David Marmon

Web Designer

Heather Deveaux


Everlecia Taylor

Creative Writer

Marina Evglevskaya

Administrative Manager

Rakel Apodaca

Product Manager

Michelle Chavon


Boyan Josic


Marc X. Ellul


Roger Shortz, M.D.


Greg Maddex, D.O


Pantea Nakieen, M.D.


Shahab Sajadi


Igor Soshkin



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0.4 ETH
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