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 Life Charity

Life Charity

Decentralized Charity Platform


Life charity platform — the first charity network based on blockchain. Our platform will allow people to choose any charitable foundation and donate their digital assets to it. Our platform will have direct partner system which will allow charitable foundations directly receive people`s donations.

About Life Charity

Life is a charity platform based on blockchain technologies. Our team found the revolutionary way to make donations easy, fast and secure with the help of blockchain technology.

Our platform will be the first and most qualitative charity-aimed product on the cryptocurrency market. With the “LIFE Charity platform,” consumers will be able to choose any available non-profit foundation and donate any amount of Ethereum tokens to it. As a reward, every participant will get “LFT” — Life Tokens that can be sold on any available exchange or stored on an ERC-20 wallet. 

Sector of social-based projects on the cryptocurrency market still haven`t been disbursed despite all projects with capitalization of billions dollars. Our project will take niche of social projects and create a direct connection between blockchain and charitable giving. From the perspective of investitions Life charity will be your best choice. Our product is one of the first on cryptocurrency market with this kind of concept and way of implementation. Potential ROI for your investment will be on the level of 100%. Our financial development team would provide listings on the
biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and attract the largest investors. Besides of helping people, saving lives, forests, animals investments in Life are profitable assets that will benefit society as a whole and individual as one.

The Team

Yury Kukhalsky

Senior Marketing manager

Arman Shirinyan

Business and strategic development

Ilya Ushakov

Art director

Stephan Selle

International Representative

Emil Ngoba

Mass Media Director

Valeryia Kandrashova

Charity Expert

Daria Zayvenko

Legal Expert


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 LFT = 0.00005 ETH

Investment Info

Min. investment
0.05 ETH

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