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Oil Digitized


PermianChain tokenizes Oil to support Permian Token (XPR) related assets and operations. PermianChain will be used by upstream companies to fund their oil campaigns and by midstream companies to secure proven reserves via blockchain. XPR enables digital transfer of underlying assets value in the form of digitized value of oil. Thus, allowing the utilization of XPR's substantial physical & proven reserves as a means to facilitate commercial and consumer transactions around the world. As a reserve-based digital currency, XPR will become a critical instrument for preservation of wealth and an ever-expanding range of commercial and consumer activities using blockchain for digitized store of value. We now have a chance to breakout from the traditional way we have done things in the oilfield and redesign the model for the future. This is a direct equity offering and may only be provided to Professional Clients as defined in Section 2.4 of of the ADGM Conduct of Business (COBS) Module.

About Permian

Utilizing the economic-value of oil supply via blockchain to monetize proven undeveloped oil reserves.
The Permian-Chain technology funds the acquisition of proven undeveloped oil supply to generate early revenues for suppliers and provide higher discounts to buyers.

Democratizing the oil & gas direct investment sector in a crypto-economy.
The Permian Token (PMN) establishes an open, secure, transparent direct investment oil & gas ecosystem powered by Blockchain technology and the application of cryptography as a digital token.

Over 2.0 trillion barrels of oil recoverable globally.
The world has 70 years of oil left at today’s production rate of 30 billion barrels per year. Compared to the 1,300 billion barrels produced around the world in history.

The Team

Han-Gwon Lung

Co-Founder & CEO at Tailored Ink

Dan Foley

Co-Founder & CEO at Crypto Copywriters

Habib Huseynzade

Challenger Drilling Engineer, BP

Michael C. Creadon


Stephen Simon

CEO & Founder, FMW Media Works Corp and Producer of ``New to the Street`` & ``Exploring the Block``

Vince Caruso

President, New To The Street T.V. and Founder of ``Exploring The Block``

Qusai Sharef


Mohamed El-Masri

Founder & CEO,

Nazim Baghirov

Head of Business Development

Roger Muniz

VP, Oil & Gas

Paresh Masani

Blockchain Development Lead

Sagar Jobanputra

Web Designer

Manan Jobanputra

Blockchain Developer

Reinhard Berger

CEO & CFO, Pecunio VC Fund


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