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 Odds (PreICO)

Odds (PreICO)

Blockchain for The Regulated Gambling Industry


A socially responsible blockchain for the regulated gambling industry. ODDS is a new gambling platform utilizing the latest blockchain technology to increase player protection, improve fairness, automate compliance and enhance regulatory oversight.

About Odds (PreICO)

We are disrupting the regulated gambling industry in a socially responsible way - making a meaningful impact on billions of players worldwide.

We provide a complete suite of tools and services that enable operators to build highly compliant, socially responsible gaming platforms. With every bet, roll, spin or toss we automatically carry out over 150 player protection and compliance checks. Our platform ensures transparency, fairness and most importantly privacy for the entire gambling ecosystem.

What makes us different from the other casino/gambling blockchains?

Compliance Focused
We are focused on making sure operators comply with global laws & regulations and reducing the viability of unregulated markets and the challenges they pose.

Ongoing Verification
We provide tools that manage the ongoing verification status of players ensuring continued compliance as their circumstances change.

Player Protection
The platform has been designed with cross-operator player protection built in. Every transaction is checked against individual player protection settings and tailored risk models.

Instant Compliance
Our platform ensures that operators are instantly compliant with the regulations that are currently applicable to a player, even if they change location.

Mass Adoption
All tools have been built for mass public adoption, removing the need for players (and operators) to understand blockchain technologies and processes.

Data Ownership
Players own their personal data in our platform and they control who can see, access and use their data, as well as decide what they can use it for.

The Team

Thomas Larkin

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Francis

Chief Technical Officer

Matthew Rush

Chief Communications Officer

Kristal Oknefski

Compliance Manager

Ryan Conner

Community Manager

Derek Woo

Marketing Advisor

Noah Cohen

International Business Advisor

Frank Bachurski

Business Strategy Advisor


Token Info

Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
5,000 USD
Distributed in ICO
60 %

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