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 Render It Coin

Render It Coin

The Future Of Mining Starts Here


Our company, Render It, is a computer graphics rendering solution provider established out of passion for hardware and innovative technologies. As a business we rent out expensive, high-performance hardware, to aid in performing various tasks, to professional firms or creative individuals, who cannot afford to purchase or maintain such equipment. Our goal is to shift the costs of computational power to a minimum, while also reducing the price of our service selection. Since our interest does not solely focus on computer graphics and rendering hardware but also includes Blockchain, the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrencies; the virtual currency itself and the scope of verifying blockchain transactions, the means through which new digital assets are generated and acquired, commonly known as mining. Along with our passion and experience in this field, we set out to join this revolutionary system of virtual assets and design our own cryptocurrency.

About Render It Coin

All the money collected during ICO in 80% will be allocated for the purchase of mining equipment (such as FPGA Cards, Antminers, etc.) and turbines providing free energy.

- 90% of the income generated in the cryptocurrency mining farm will be used for payments to investors who have invested in our project during ICO and will keep RNDIT on our platform. Every user who will store their coins on our online wallet will receive a percentage from farm income (in BTC), evenly distributed between users. Investors income will be based on the number of coins held. 

- remaining 10% left for maintenance and equipment replacement (maintenance - payments to us and employees dealing with the farm) ( replacement - power supplies and running gear)

- We dedicate income from high spec computer rental to equipment upgrade and replacement of equipment for better in order to maintain the growing difficulty of mining. 

We will be able to keep payouts for investors at a high level for a long time.

20% of the money from ICO, we will allocate for equipment that will be rented to people who need such equipment for rendering or mining. Prices will be lowest on the market due to the lack of energy costs and no costs for maintenance.

The Team

Grzegorz Dzikowski

Co-founder CEO & Hardware Specialist

Szymon 'Simon' Gniadek

Co-founder CEO, Hardware & Software Specialist

Remik 'Remy' Chincza

Co-founder CEO, IT & Hardware Specialist

Tomasz 'Thomas' Jaworski

Animation & Rendering Expert

Michał Hryciuk

Software Engineer & Lead Web Developer

Shikha Dadhwal

Social Media Manager


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 RNDIT = 10 EUR
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
10 EUR
Distributed in ICO

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