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Markets: 24,454
ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $347,298,452,220
24h Vol: $85,267,484,386
Dominance: 60.6%


One of first ICOs in New Zealand


Coingrid aims to make investing in cryptocurrency as easy as sending an email. With our intuitive interface, anyone with a computer or a smartphone will be able to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency listed on our exchange in just a few easy steps. CGT is a token created by Coingrid. We will initially use CGT to fund the development of our cryptocurrency exchange. Once our exchange is live, CGT will be used to pay for trading fees. Users can purchase CGT with Bitcoin and/or Ethereum at our exchange. Coingrid will charge a trading fee of 0.05% per trade paid in CGT. If the user does not hold enough CGT to cover the exchange fees in their account, the CGT equivalent of exchange fee will automatically be purchased at market price and the cost will be deducted from the trade.

About Coingrid

Coingrid is a cryptocurrency exchange based in New Zealand. We aim to issue our own token, Coingrid Token (“CGT”). This whitepaper explains the significance of our exchange and what we aim to bring to the cryptocurrency market. CGT is a standard ERC 20 token which is based on Ethereum blockchain, which means CGT will be compatible with all Ethereum wallets.

The Team

Chai Kim

CEO, Co-Founder

Andrew Lee

COO, Co-Founder, Designer

Adam Curtin

Head of Strategy

Keyo Jack

Head of Marketing

Dr Jin Hong

Head of Security

Duwane de Coning

CEO of

Stephen Wingreen

Researcher, Head of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies group, University of Canterbury

Stephen Rowlison

CEO of Bbiller

Dean Karakitsos

Top 30 ICO investor on ICO Bench, Founder of Bloqchain Science

Raghav Sood

Developer, Blockchain expert, Author (Pro Android Augmented Reality, Amazon Top #100)

Ricardo Ferreira

CEO of, Steem Blockchain Ambassador


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 ETH = 5,000 CGT
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

This data is not yet available.

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