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Decentralized Financial Platform


The Aaron Platform is a new financial platform that combines stable coin (TabiPay) with fluid value coin (EveryCoin) to solve the problems of blockchain speed and high variability of cryptocurrency. We have redefined financial services and changed the paradigm. Financial service will be transformed from a previous strictly graded, exclusively centralized systems to a decentralized, comprehensive and scalable systems.

About EveryCoin

Aaron Platform has redefined financial services and transformed its financial paradigm from a strictly rated and exclusively centralized system in tradition to a decentralized comprehensive and scalable system. The Aaron Platform proposes a new financial platform that combines stable coin with fluid value coin as a way to overcome the inconvenience caused by blockchain speed and the disadvantage of the high variability of cryptocurrency. As stable currency and fluid value currency are structured as multi-blockchains, it ensures not only the value stability of real financial services as a currency but also the security and scalability of cryptocurrency. Our multi-blockchain method can offset the variability of cryptocurrency through the combination of flexible main blockchains, fixed value side blockchains and echo blockchains applicable to various digital assets.

Our goal is very simple. The first, by creating an unrestricted financial system, we make everyone in the world can receive the benefits of financial services for free. The second, everyone in the world gets out of the existing financial framework and will be able to open and use new financial accounts free of charge. And fiat currency, cryptocurrency, and digital currency are exchanged one another conveniently. To achieve this goal, we have designed a vast system that combined various factors. That allows everyone around the world to conduct transactions by s art consultations and manage their funds by social connections. This is to provide a new financial platform for people who have financially excluded in the current financial system by combining the electronic monetary system based on the real economy with the versatility of cryptocurrency. Also, this is to create a new cryptocurrency's financial system by securing the value stability of the cryptocurrency and then overcoming the constraints of the existing financing as the currency of the real financial service. 

The Team

Aaron Jin

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Ju Min Eum


Jae Woo Kim


Hyo Seung Moon


Dong Ho Seo


Sermpon Tilakul

Marketing Director

Brian Hong

Communication Director

Samuel Pham

Communication General Manager

Kye Bong Choi

Senior Technology Developer

Tran Thi Thoa

Marketing Staff

Tran Thi My Linh

Communication Staff

Deborah Yun

Asean Manager

Bundith Piriyasaisunti

Doctoral of Public Adminstration Curriculum; INSTRUCTOR

Chumphon Inthongnoi

Royal Thai Aide-De-Camp Department

Piyanat Prasertnoo

Acting for Leader

Nipat Puchadapirom

Appellate Litigation Region

Thalad Sombatbul

Laywer , Owner and Head of Law Offices V&T

Kantaphon Chalermyut

Chairman of the board Dairy Cooperative Limited

Vorapop vutcharavit

Consultation of Prompt Technolagy Co.,Ltd. For SKADA Project (PTT Provider)

Archawin Bundhamcharoen

Thayang police station

Kim David In

Planner of Aaron system

Cheol Je Cho

Assistant President International Affairs

Jung Sug Chae

Representative Lawyer of Law firm

Moon Ji In

Real Stock Financing

Reyes Moy Dominic Ungson

M Corporation President

Reyes Robert


Soung Wook Lee



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