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A Token For A Next Generation


The Marketplace enables retailers and private sellers to sell goods. When such goods are purchased, the amount of payment is transferred to a charitable foundation. Users are awarded loyalty points for selling and buying at the Marketplace.

About CHEK

The One+1 team has taken on the task of transforming such spheres of public life as charity and social responsibility of citizens and business with the help of modern technology.

We present a technological solution intended to ensure success in the following areas:

  • Boosting philanthropy among private individuals and commercial organizations;
  • Increasing donations to charities from private individuals and commercial organizations;
  • Developing the infrastructure of modern charity and, consequently, making the costs of charity processes cheaper;
  • Enhancing end-to-end transparency for donations;
  • Increasing public confidence in charitable organizations; and
  • Monitoring donations and the status of charity projects.

This solution is intended to create a new ecosystem where distribution of money and project selection depend on a decentralized community of the most active participants in social and charity work rather than specific corporations or governments.

We believe ultimately the One+1 project will ensure the equitable distribution of mankind and society’s collective production results and attract significant financing into the projects on which our future primarily hinges: social and charitable projects.

The One+1 project also has a direct business application that will be of interest to both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large companies and brands.

The Team

Mikhail Paley


Yuri Platonov

Head of Operations

Artem Garashko


Yuri Garashko

Software Architect

Alexander Garashko

Head Of Software Development

Renat Zagidullin

Loyalty Program Manager

Andrey Vishnyakov

Head of Marketing

Daria Bogachkina

Head of Communication

Dmitry Belkin

Art Director

Pavel Kazantsev

Senior Attorney

Vadim Alekseev

Front-End Developer

Irina Zakharova

Chief Accountant

Jemal Agrba


Viktor Kashtanov


Alexey Chumakov


Evgeniy Galiakhmetov


Maksim Karakulov



Token Info

Price in ICO
1 CHEK = 0.1 USD

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