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 Cogenero (PreICO)

Cogenero (PreICO)

Mobile Cogeneration Mining Platform


Cogenero is Mobile Cogeneration mining platform that uses (COG) utility token for which owners will be able to buy hashing power to mine cryptocurrencies. We will be able to mine cryptocurrencies at approximately half the cost as we are tapping on new and alternative energy sources (e.g. Flare gases) for which we are researching and developing the technology.

About Cogenero (PreICO)

It is a process of generating electricity and capturing heat that is generated in that process that otherwise would be wasted. That makes this methodecologically beneficial and highly efficient, driving prices of electricity down, so much needed in mining.

Having experience in generating electricity from special gases combined with months of research and development, we plan to start our journey with cogeneration from natural and biomass gas. To become really cutting-edge in the industry, our next step is to use flare gases, which we consider a holy grail of cogeneration. What is a flare gas?Imagine an oil refinery. What first comes to your mind? Probably industrial machinery, a rig, and huge flames coming from the big vent. In short, these flames are the effect of burning flare gases, which are considered as a waste and are asignificant pollutant to the environment. By using our proprietary technology, we can capture, purify and use these gases to generate electricity, what can decrease the price of electricity to the levels nobody even imagines. Sounds perfect, right? Almost. Finding a source of energy which canbe used is one thing, another is placing amine in thespecificlocation.You will not rather find an oil rigin the middle of the city. Moreover, it is hard to move gases and heat long distances, hence cogeneration is most efficient when the heat can be used nearby. That is why we also developed with our partners mobile mining cogeneration units that can be instantly deployed in desirable, often remote, locations. And now it is perfect. One of the cheapest electricity sources, positive impacton the environment and one of the most profitable industries currently available in one.

The Team

Witalis Mariusz Józwiak


Piotr Kiewel


Szymon Bolczyk


Kasia Dubiniewicz


Wioletta Tratkiewicz


Mariusz Stachurski


Bartosz Kosiński


Szymon Piekarz

Blockchain system developer

Piotr Danelski

Investment Specialist

Igor Prowotorow

An expert in industrial cogeneration

Daniel Zwolinski

Senior analyst in the department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Steven Stanley

PR & Marketing specialist in the Blockchain space


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 ETH = 5,750 COG
Tokens for sale

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