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Clean Loop Technology


You will have heard about the plastic pollution problem cumulating these days - not only but very visible in our oceans. Apparently, an ecological, as well as an economical solution for better handling of compound plastics, is what is needed. In Memmingen, research and development on a solution for better reuse of compound plastics had already begun years ago. Now we got the solution ready to go 2 market - and prepared to scale. It's called the CLEAN LOOP technology and divides compound plastic films - allowing not just to recycle, but to create "close to prime" raw materials.

About CYO

Up to now, the endeavour to procure more green alternatives proved unrealistic due to qualitative lacks of the available recycled granulates as well as too-small production capacities. More ecological but still economical solutions for the processing of production waste need to be found - asap.

In the very same year that the waste wave surfer was shot by photographer Zak Noyle, at Memmingen (Germany) a research and development team had started out to develop a solution.

It’s been named the CLEAN LOOP technology. Now ready to go to market, scale and explore even more high-quality recycling solutions, the team decided to make this opportunity globally available through an ICO.

You and your participation in the CYO token sale can help to get this done faster.

The Team

Andreas Nold


J├╝rgen Pfister

Head of Supervisory Board

Tamer Baliklavayan

Head of Procurement

Hans-J├╝rgen Gnam

Bio-Chem and Waste Stream Management Expert

Ren├Ę Gloor

Special Engineering


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 CYO = 2 EUR
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

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