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 Medica (PreICO)

Medica (PreICO)

Rebuilding Healthcare Ecosystem


Building Healthcare Applications on Top of the Medica Application Protocol. Developers can build applications on top of the application protocol layer and are incentivized to do so through the Medica utility token mechanics. The potential applications that can be applied to a vast distributed medical data marketplace are incredible. Users can subscribe to applications that provide real-time alerts for everything from clinical trial availability to metrics for maintaining specific physician-outlined biometric levels.

About Medica (PreICO)

Under current conditions in healthcare, people face a myriad of problems: inability to access quality healthcare, rising costs of home healthcare (in an increasingly digital world), unsafe and inefficient cross-border payments, and the protection of patient identity and data are all ongoing problems that are yet to be completely solved... Until now.

Medica is a global blockchain protocol specifically designed to address current legacy problems and connect healthcare specialists and patients worldwide. The Medica token ( Medtoken) will enable an on demand system that solves the current problems of cross border payments, data accessibility, and payment risk, allowing areas with the highest quality of healthcare to serve the entire world.

The Medica application protocol will create and act as a distributed secure Medical data storage architecture and marketplace for the healthcare industry of the future. Utilizing secure computational methods and an encrypted data storage layer built on top of a Proof of Authority blockchain network, patients will have verifiable and direct control over their personal health data.

The Team

Paul Flores


Sebastian Raul Wain


Albert Chan

Healthcare Expert

Yao Delan


Thanaa Aabdeen

Investment Banker

Connor Chan

HealthCare Expert

Cess laguardia

Digital Marketing Expert

Ian Xia

Medical Expert

Cherry Wong

Medical doctor

Qihua Yin

Healthcare Expert


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Price in ICO
1 MEDTK = 0.03 USD
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