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Markets: 29,782
ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $328,527,529,988
24h Vol: $83,540,740,118
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Image and Gif Hosting


Supload was founded in 2005 as an image and file sharing service. We re-launched in 2016 as a content monetization platform that shared advertising revenue with content creators via cryptocurrencies. In 2018, we are taking it a step further by creating a completely decentralized social media platform! We would like to introduce you to the SUP Token. The SUP Token, an Ethereum ERC223 utility token, will utilize technologies such as Ethereum's Plasma, Lightning Network, and Civic. The utilities available in the token will be a game changer within the social media ecosystem. The SUP Token is the solution to all of the modern day social media problems plaguing popular sites such as Reddit, Youtube, and Facebook. The experience and knowledge of the content industry is led by our CMO, the king of viral content (and karma!) on Reddit, u/GallowBoob. We encourage you to read both our standard whitepaper, technical whitepaper, and also join us on Telegram!

About Supload

Company Introduction
This project is designed to put an end to the hostcentric content model of content sharing - where market activity is coordinated by websites like imgur and youtube - and replace it with a single decentralized market for content hosting and sharing which connects content creators, marketers, and users through a cryptographic monetary instrument: the SUP token.

Company History
In 2005, Supload was created as a way of sharing images amongst friends and forum communities, General [M]ayhem, [H]ardForum, and SomethingAwful in particular. After a few years of success, the site expanded
its offering to audio, video, and generic file hosting, competing against sites such as ImageShack, TinyPic, and MegaUpload. Funded entirely by on-site advertisement, Supload reached Alexa’s "top 1000 sites" in the USA with a staff consisting of a single person

The Team

Mike Campbell

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Mike Reilly

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

David Raizman

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Allam

Chief Marketing Officer

David Mandler

Public Relations

Joel Margolis

Security Director

Sean Sun

Creative Director

Andres Mego

Customer Outreach

Ameer Rosic

CEO Blockgeeks Inc.

Liam Robrtson

CEO Alphabit Limited

Lawrence Tilli

Partner, Fortitude Circle

Simon Chantry

Former COO Bitt Inc

Andrew Warshaver

Former Blockchain Engineer at tZero

Ben Gorlick

Former Director, Products at Blockstream

Max Fang

Lightning Network


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 SUP = 0.33 USD
Tokens for sale

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