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ICO To Support The Victims Of Terrorism


Ever imagined about the living victims affected by terrorism? The ones who lost their last supporter of family? Rather than praying and Supporting them we tend to quote "not my country, not my people and therefore -not my problem" - is that what those victims deserve? Well, we would say "Negative! They deserve our prayers and support". Lets stand united and help them recover their past loss and life's present stability.

About StayAllied

As humanity is progressing tremendously day by day in the field of science, there is more threat for the security are increasing. We cannot change we already happened in the past, which we must accept. When we switch on TV and suddenly move on to news channel, flashes pictures of fire and people running here and there for help. Several are killed and injured. It Pains a lot.

These innocent victims need our help, need us to pull together and display our solidarity, love and empathy.

Terrorists will never defeat us, they will never divide our communities, we will always come back fighting for our people, helping them and standing by them 100%.

We believe it is our duty, as human beings and their fellow citizens, to help them as much as possible, especially with regards to their immediate needs. To this end, we aim to raise thousands of pounds through crowds funding. Please spread the word and help however you can

That is the reason we wanted to come out with the website which will allow relatives of victims to create MEMORIAL of their dear ones and crowd fund in tokens. And most important thing is I will be the first one to donate from my Memorials4Ever tokens share.

Our platform uses smart contracts to distribute the collected funds from different funding agencies across the globe, to trusts and NGOs/SHGs, and any individual who is actually working out there in the society.

Funds will be donated according to the proof of work, which any independent social worker or any organization will provide on our platform.

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