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 Infleum (PreICO)

Infleum (PreICO)

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INFLEUM is executed by ELSOLCOM, a company that specializes in growing start-up’s and SMEs. ELSOLCOM, through its internal support and collaborative efforts, has established diverse references and clientele that are undergoing a large scale of qualitative and quantitative prosperity. Henceforth, through the decentralized INFLEUM Platform, businesses will overcome regional/physical obstacles, and will be able to provide advertisement/marketing services specific to diverse clients needs. By inducing active competition of services among INFLEUM users, there will be a boom in services of high quality and quantity with minimized costs, and eventually, the project will be able to reach economy of scale. Therefore, the ecosystem will be bigger and its worth will multiply with user growth, simultaneously boosting the user profits.

About Infleum (PreICO)

INFLEUM is an open source brand publishing and marketing agent platform based on blockchains that provides 8 DAPP services by ELSOL COMPANY.

INFLEUM measures and distributes the value of influence according to user participation within all stages of the brand publishing ecosystem cycle: investment, network, marketing, sharing, consumption, and payment.
INFLEUM seeks to ensure a fair and reliable distribution by measuring the contribution of all users involved in the complex supply chain, from producers to consumers.

Through a variety of activities, the user can acquire the INFLEUM and the acquired INFLEUM can be used in various DAPP services. The platform also features INFLEUM Combined Wallet to manage IFUM tokens that are used as units of payment on the platform.

The Smart Contract Agent Machine simplifies contract creation and helps users to participate, verify and execute campaigns in an effective manner. ELSOL COMPANY is Korea’s top start-up building organization with accumulated sales revenue of over 30 million US dollars.

ELSOL has worked with 29 start-ups, each brand growing by an average of 2305%. CEO Choi's goal is to create an alliance environment in which anyone can start a business without risk if they have passion and ideas, and bring synergies together at a rapid pace.

Additionally, ELSOL has recently launched Project REDI that includes 8 solutions that support start-ups from logistics, marketing, monitoring to mentoring.

These solutions mirror INFLEUM’s eight initial DAPPs. With this ideal and effective reverse ICO to create the INFLEUM Platform, ELSOL aims to decentralize and fortify the entire start-up business ecosystem starting from Korea and beyond.

The Team

Joonho (Pheonix) Choi

CEO, Co-Founder

Joon An

COO, Co-Founder

Seungwook Noh

CMO, Co-Founder

Steve Jeong

CTO, Technical Director

Ryan Lee

Financial Officer

Sanbo Na

Business cooperation

Sunkyung Lee

Community Manager

TJ Taejin Yi

Blockchain Engineer

Seunggon Baek

Blockchain Engineer

Clinton Lee

Blockchain Engineer

Jerry Y. Cho

KEYWEST Partners, President

Jeaseok Kang


Kyung bok Song

FunkyBro CEO

Jason J. Kim Founder


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 IFUM = 0.02 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
0.1 ETH

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