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Blockchain for Startups to Make Money. Worldwide.


The first global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts. Eliminating geographical restrictions. Bringing transaction speed and mining tools to earn and support fundraising goals.

About Boomstarter.Network

The first global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts. Global participation, speed and transparency of transactions, with an option to support fundraising goals with non-material methods. Boomstarter.Network aims to lift a number of serious limitations typical of the existing crowdfunding services.

One of the top priorities is to remove country restrictions found on the world’s leading fundraising platforms. They do not allow placement of new projects by anyone outside of a very limited number of developed industrialized countries. On Boomstarter.Network, authors from any country in the world will be able to start their crowdfunding projects. The use of cryptocurrencies will allow contributors worldwide to engage and support their chosen causes.

The new blockchain-based platform also ensures the transfer of funds from supporters to project creators is fast and swift. Transactions will only take minutes, while on existing traditional platforms the parties have to wait for weeks to send and withdraw the money.

Inspired by the pioneering effort of UNICEF, Boomstarter.Network introduces mining of cryptocurrencies for global crowdfunding. The new platform offers project supporters a safe and easy tool for producing virtual currencies on their personal computers. They can retain part of these digital assets and also use them to support their favorite fundraising goals on the platform.

Based on Ethereum blockchain, Boomstarter.Network uses smart contracts to ensure trust in its ecosystem. These are computer algorithms that automatically guarantee that project authors will receive the amounts due when the preset fundraising goal is reached.

Blockchain technology provides transparency in how project authors use the raised funds. This enables the community of supporters to track and offer feedback on the way creators allocate the money they have collected for the development of their product.

The Team

Maria Dokshina

CEO & Co-founder

Ruslan Tugushev


Evgeny Gavrilin


Oleg Gaidukov


Kirill Maskaev

PR Director

Mikhail Svinukhov

Project Manager

Evgeny Belavin

Business Developer

Bogdan Dupak

Front-End Developer

Alexander Pavlov

Senior UX/UI Designer

Daria Averkieva

Head of HR

Evgeny Popov


Alex Levin


Paddy Tan


Shelby Tee


William Chilcott


John Fitzpatrick


Nadia Cherkasova


Vlas Lezin

Senior Advisor, Former Goldman Sachs Vice President

Mike Blackwood



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1 BC = 0.8 USD
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50 USD
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