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In Good Traders Company


IGT-CRYPTO – is a crypto-exchange from the IGT Company, which unites professionals who came to the field of blockchain from classical financial markets. Programmers together with successful financiers have created a platform that combines advanced technological solutions, high level of security and transactions speed.

About IGT

The idea of creating a cryptocurrency trading platform was born in our company in late 2016. The actively developing blockchain technology and a dynamic cryptocurrency market could not but turn our attention to this field.

At the time of 2016, the main problems of the cryptocurrency market were: limited number of trusted platforms offering the purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies. The lack of service and many other issues - prompted us to start developing our own platform.

The members of our team are experts in trading on the financial and cryptocurrency markets,whohavemanyyearsofexperienceinworkingwithglobalbrokers.Understanding the market from a customer’s point, as well as experience gained from the inside in asset management financial institutions and banks, urged us to come to the field of blockchain.

The development of the IGT-CRYPTO platform is one of our most ambitious projects yet. The creation of the platform began in 2017. From the very beginning and till the release of our platform, a lot of technological issues were studied and solved, which allowed us to refine our system and create an ideal concept of the crypto exchange of the future.

The team of IGT Company (In Good Traders Company) set a goal - to unite professionals and beginners of the cryptocurrency market on one platform, to let traders make their profits in a comfortable and accessible environment.

The Team

Roman Yefremenko

CEO & Founder

Bogdan Yegorov

Legal advisor

Yaroslav Denisov


Daniel Koshma

Head of PR

Maxim Bashmakov

Art Director

Alexander Omelianenko

Director of Marketing

Alexander Nekrasov

Community Manager

Vadym Machuskyi

Project Manager

Vadim Lashkov

Blockchain Expert

Yehor Nesterov

Blockchain Developer

Allen Artamonov

Techniсal team leader

Roman Yaremi

Bitcointalk Community

Tran Van Tinh


Savio Gomez


Jonathan Fianu


William Bryant


Kenneth Ng


Sonja Prstec


Clemen Chiang


Maksym Vysochanskiy



Token Info

Price in ICO
1 IGTT = 1 USD

Investment Info

Min. investment
100 USD
Distributed in ICO

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