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 Inflr (PreICO)

Inflr (PreICO)

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing


INFLR is an economy-of-influence cryptocurrency that will be designed for use within the Inflr Platform and across the Inflr network. INFLR is an ERC20 standard token utility that will give token owners the ability to access the Inflr platform with its many features and unique data on influencers and brands. Inflr Coin plays a key role within the Inflr ecosystem and is designed to balance the interests of all token owners, creating incentives for everyone to actively participate in the token economy. With Inflr Coin, you will be able to access various services and perks within the Inflr Platform and on various third-party applications that will be developed using the Inflr API.

About Inflr (PreICO)

Inflr is focused on creating digital marketing solutions using the latest technology for microinfluencers. We believe that all micro-influencers should have the opportunity to participate in an exchange that stimulates the creation of high-quality advertising content and allows digital influencers to be compensated for the true value of their influence.

Inflr has created the first platform that connects advertisers to influencers within a marketplace using blockchain technology. With Inflr, advertisers can promote their products and services using the influence of social network users.

The Team

Marcos Pagliaro

Business consultant

Thiago Gil

Crypto Economist

Giovanni Casagrande


Naviin Kapoor


Paresh Masani

Blockchain Platform Advisor

Giacomo Arcaro

Growth Hacker

Ismail Malik

Strategic Partnerships

Mauro Andriotto

ICO Fundraising Advisor

Alecos Colombo

ICO Fundraising Advisor

Tiago Mateus


Bruno Niro


Thiago Cavalcante


Fabio Moura

Legal Counsel

Francisco Lobo

Legal Counsel

Pablo Nain

Financial and Tax Law

Felipe Bolonhani

Senior Developer

Deborah Ramiris

Art Director

Cassiano Psomas

Senior Designer

Lucas Freitas

Business Intelligence

Ricardo Oliveira

Blockchain Developer

André Feijó Meirelles

Blockchain Developer

Renan Kruger

Blockchain Developer

Juliano Lazzarotto

Blockchain Business Developer

Artur Nista

Blockchain Developer

João Teló

Blockchain Developer

Jessica Tate

Social media

Luciano Kalatalo

Chief Data Scientist


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 INFLR = 0.00025 ETH
Tokens for sale

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