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100 Cryptocurrencies in 1 Indexcoin


Cryptoindex is an exciting new AI-powered platform built to, essentially, predict the next Bitcoin. It accomplishes this through the creation of a cryptocurrency market benchmark known as the Cryptoindex100, which utilizes a one-of-a-kind Zorax algorithm to create a fully-automated index — calculated from a plethora of data imports and sources. With Cryptoindex, each coin is constantly revalued via a feed of neural networks, removing human bias and emotion from the equation entirely.

About Cryptoindex

Cryptoindex is an index of the top 100 performing coins, selected and rebalanced by our highly sophisticated neural network algorithm Zorax.

Cryptoindex can do things that were impossible before. It would take more than a week to buy 100 coins, requiring registration on a number of exchanges, to rebalance 100 coins in your portfolio, reducing and increasing the proportion of coins, including new coins and excluding the inefficient ones, is almost impossible to do manually.

You don't need to trade anymore. After receiving 100 coins in 1 coin, you can relax, knowing that the Zorax algorithm works for you. Your portfolio is managed by our AI algorithm. By analyzing thousands of trades and signals every second, based on more than 200 factors, Zorax rebalances the coins in the index, including promising coins and excluding inefficient ones.

Stop holding your crypto only in ETH or BTC. Cryptoindex enables a spread and balance of risk, throughout the structure of 100 coins in one coin.

The Team

Vijay Andrew Angelo


Lawrence D'Souza

Head of Analytics

Alex Goncharenko

Product Manager

Gemma Clapton

Client Relations

Caroline Matusso

Head of Marketing and Communications

Simon Sergeev

Head of Support

Sergey Shashev


Andre-Pier Buzdum

Project Manager

Stephan Kamentsev

Software Architect

Lana Ivina

Senior Mathematician

Austin Kimm

Co-Founder and Chief Operational Officer at Crypterium

James Davies

Managing Member at London Derivatives Exchange

Paddy Tan

Strategist, Asian Market

Gabriel Zanko

Blockchain Investor and Advisor. MobileyourLife, Founder

Dorothy (McKinley) Delahunt

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Founder Member at London Derivatives Exchange Group

Sandy Broderick

IR Advisor


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Price in ICO
1 CIX100 = 0.0001 BTC
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