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 cosquare (PreICO)

cosquare (PreICO)

Global Social Marketplace


cosquare is a global social marketplace with its own CSQ digital currency. Merging the worlds of blockchain technology, social media and e-commerce, cosquare is on a mission to create a richer shopping experience for consumers, influencers and brands. The gamified shopping ecosystem empowers people to earn and liberates brands to sell direct-to-consumer. cosquare makes cryptocurrency payments mainstream, accepting CSQ and all major crypto and fiat currencies. Committed to transparency towards all stakeholders, cosquare is an advertising-free, people-driven shopping universe.

About cosquare (PreICO)

cosquare is a globally scalable social marketplace with the potential to transform how a generation of social media users shop. Serving consumers, influencers and brands, cosquare combines blockchain technology, social media and e-commerce to create a fun social shopping experience.

CSQ, cosquare’s own currency, run on the Ethereum public blockchain, is a pure payment token and acts as a medium of exchange for products sold on the cosquare social marketplace. CSQ thereby fulfils one of the core functions of money as a medium of exchange for goods or services. Our vision is to make CSQ the number one currency for online shopping.

The cosquare social marketplace is designed to empower people and liberate brands.

Empowering people:
Every user is both a potential consumer and influencer with the power to earn CSQ to spend on the platform or exchange to fiat and cash out. Every user can influence the buying decision of another through their social activity and can discover (new influencers, products and brands), share, buy, earn and gift on the platform.

Each user is entirely in control of their own cosquare universe, following only the brands and influencers they love. Committed to creating a fully people-driven shopping experience, there is no advertising on the marketplace. cosquare will however give users the opportunity to opt in to monetise their own data in a transparent way, rewarding them with CSQ for data monetised through brands and publishers.

A simple gifting function lets users gift each other the products they love. A user can accept or decline a gift, while cosquare protects their data. Users can also send instant peer-to-peer transfers of CSQ.

Liberating brands:
cosquare liberates brands by facilitating them to sell direct-to-consumer, bypassing the traditional wholesale distribution model.
The platform becomes a brand’s social flagship and unlike on existing social media, direct conversion takes place within the ecosystem, without any adverse impact on user experience.

cosquare seeks to make cryptocurrency payments mainstream. The platform accepts its CSQ currency and major fiat and cryptocurrencies. This feature enables brands to tap into the massive value held in cryptocurrencies.

The Team

Michiel Herkemij

Business Advisor

Luke Szkudlarek

Token Economy Advisor

Mario Colombo

Blockchain Advisor

Richard Zoni


Duco Hiensch

Founder & President

Olav Johannesma

Financial Controller

Justin Busschau

Technical Director

Robin Verschuur

Solutions Architect

Louis Thiers

Co-Founder & Vice President

Mairead O’Reilly

Communications & PR

Joel Freeborn

Lead UX/UI designer

Hilmar Nooitgedagt

Software Engineer

Abraham Mouritz

Technology Counsel

Themi Tsiotas von Pfaler

Lead Web Developer

Timo Maas

System Engineer

Benno van Nierop

Business Development

Chris Combs

Lead iOS Developer

Artiom Rapinchuk

Smart Contract Developer

Johnny Sørensen

Lead Android Developer

Tobias Vebel

Quality Assurance

Sergio Nicolò

Executive Director

Thomas Contin

ICO Legal Counsel

Marco Sala

ICO Legal Counsel

Patryk Skoczylas

Business Development


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 CSQ = 0.00040 CHF
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
100 CHF
Distributed in ICO

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