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Market For Data Analysis


MADANA is the first ever ICO and Sidechain project on the Lisk Blockchain. MADANA stands for an open data analysis platform, preserving privacy by design. The blockchain-based ecosystem allows anyone to stay in control of their data while monetizing it in an anonymous way. MADANA aims to provide a GDPR compliant way for data processing, enabling new business models for future Apps and Services. German ICO with approval from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.


MADANA proposes a new data market ecosystem run on multiple smart contracts based on blockchain technology that allows data producers, data analysis buyer and plug-in provider to participate in the data market in a fair, anonymous and privacy-protecting way. The Vision of MADANA is to be the technology in future Apps and dApps, operating systems and IoT devices, which generates passive revenue for the User while also protecting his digital identity.

The Team

Christian Junger

CEO & Co-founder

Dieter Schule

COO & Co-Founder

J.-Fabian Wenisch

CTO & Co-Founder

Julian Schiemann

Head of Marketing

Nicolas Pettican

Head of Development

Eugen Salkutzan

Community Manager

Yan Schreier

Strategy & Marketing

Stefan Lockowandt

Strategy & Organization

Martin Picard

Business Development

Mark Georg

Business Development

Eduard Tucholke

Visual Designer

Max Kordek


Oliver Grün


Malte Brettel


Marc Reinhardt


Steffen Hauptmann


Hans-Dieter Jostarndt



Token Info

Price in ICO
1 PAX = 1 EUR
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

Min. investment
100 EUR
Distributed in ICO

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