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Play eSports Tournaments on the Blockchain


Yamzu is determined to become a leading eSports tournament provider and host, one both affiliated with P2P (Peer to Peer) gaming as well as with significant regional and global tournaments. The fact that Yamzu already supports an active platform gives strength to our projections. In the future, we will work with game developers by forming symbiotic relationships surrounding the creation of new games. In doing so, both Yamzu and value creators (e.g. developers) will collaborate to encourage more gamers to participate at the intersection of paid gaming and cryptocurrency.

About Yamzu

Yamzu is a successful Swedish Gaming Company with a current user base of over 10,000 players. We earn revenue, and we have worked to put forth a recognizable brand. Both of these characteristics stand our organization in good stead to take full advantage of the new revenue streams opportunities generated by Blockchainrelated technology. Yamzu is different from its newly formed competitors since it is an active and real business which has already been in operation since 2016 and has since than achieved a staggering result of 300% growth rate on revenues. Yamzu’s team has accumulated direct experience on the field that cannot be replicated by its newly formed competitors. This means that Yamzu can implement its groundbreaking ideas much faster than the rest of the market. Since gamers recognize our brand, they will be quick to adapt to our platform. Yamzu has already earned and allocated significant amounts of revenue into the business therefore we are ideally positioned to repurpose the potential funds obtainable through the Token Sale to pursue the expansion of our business worldwide thanks to the implementation of Blockchain technology.

The Team

Asiad Majeed


Hristiyan Nikolov


Morten Christensen


Mathias Hautala


Antonio Migliaccio


Bartosz Navarra


Marcus Zacco


Jovan Radnic


Ciprian Filip


Alex Chang


Mauro Andriotto


Jared Polites


Daniil Morozov


Joseph Lowe


Jun Hao


Alan Moon Soo Kim


Alexandr Chevtaev


Ian Scarffe


Thomas Fredriksson


Elmer Kuloglija


Emil Priver



Token Info

Price in ICO
1 YMZ = 0.1 EUR
Tokens for sale

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Min. investment
0.1 ETH
Distributed in ICO

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