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First Community Based Decentralized Police


CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together the community in order to fight Internet fraud. Any online user can submit an application to CryptoPolice, pointing to any suspicious fact. Then, an Officer reviews the report and delivers a verdict, which subsequently undergoes a multi-level verification process by other Officers. Factual data that have been verified and confirmed are stored in the archive, which forms the basis for the scam notification system “WatchDog”, helping protect users online. Mission of CryptoPolice – bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud. Aim of CryptoPolice – developing products that assure effective protection of users against online fraud and scam.

About CryptoPolice

Cybercrime is a fast-growing market that offers huge profits and minimal risks. According to the report published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the annual damage inflicted by cybercrime to the economy is within the range of 375–575 billion USD, exceeding the GDP of many countries around the world.The advent of new tech has enabled ever more sophisticated ways to commit cybercrime. "Cybercrime is a tax on innovation and slows the pace of global innovation by reducing the rate of return to innovators and investors," Jim Lewis of CSIS said in a statement.

Among the different types of cybercrimes, the Internet scam holds a special place. While most cybercrime types employ technical methods (hacking computers, intercepting data, etc.), scamming is done through psychological and intellectual methods, namely, via the abuse of trust, when people themselves choose to transfer funds to perpetrators. Various methods for technical protection against a range of cyber threats already exist and continue to develop (for instance, anti-virus software); however, there's only one effective protection method that works against the Internet scam – always being on the lookout.

Today, every user must take extreme caution online to avoid getting in the traps set up by fraudsters in order to steal money. Phishing, spoofing, investment fraud, financial pyramids, fake online stores – it takes only one mistake or hasty action to incur irrevocable financial losses. In the cryptocurrency markets, it's got out of hand. There are still no state regulators to help things, and the show is being run by scammy ICOs, phishing sites and fraudulent exchanges.
Internet fraud is constantly adapting, acting as a virus that attacks the community and stealthily infects everything around it.

As a result, everybody loses: online users lose money, top-notch projects miss investment and the industry overall loses reputation. The most important thing being destroyed is the trust that people extend to each other.  That's exactly why we decided to set up the CryptoPolice platform, which will act as an anti-virus and protect the community against scam. This system will provide a feeling of safety to everybody in these markets. And it’s urgently needed right here and now.

The Team

Jamil Hasan

Strategy Advisor

Juan Otero

Advisor in Innovation & Technology

Dean Karakitsos

Technology Advisor

Eduards Baginskis

Advisor in Banking & Finance

Dmitirjs Valaks

Front-end Developer

Vladimirs Vorobjovs

Back-end & Blockchain Developer

Arturs Budžis

System administrator

Aivis Krafts

Graphic designer

Aleksandrs Prokofjevs

Project manager

Oskars Podziņš

Cyber Security Specialist, PhD candidate

Agris Vītoliņš

Senior System Administrator

Arturs Rasnacis

Chief Executive Officer, M.Sc. IT.

Karolīna Gavrilova

Chief Commercial Officer, B.H.

Valera Matulenko

Project manager

Elvijs Teikmanis

Chief Technology Officer

Igors Savins

Blockchain developer

Maksim Kuzmin

Chief Operating Officer

Juris Švarnovičs

Technical Support & QA specialist

Arturs Borsčiks

Content marketing specialist

Mikus Losāns

Head of Marketing

Marija Rucevska

Marketing specialist

Davis Suneps

Marketing specialist


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