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Collaborative Social Media


FlipNpik is the first collaborative ecosystem that allows users to monetize their social media posts by supporting local businesses. Businesses on the platform benefit from increased visibility while users are finally remunerated for posting about their favorite local spots.

About FlipNpik

The FlipNpik token and the Flip Social The FlipNpik (FNP) is a utility token, distributed and identified on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Flip Social is a reward system dedicated to stimulate and retain the users of the Platform.

The Team

Henri Harland


Richard Marganne


Serge Helou

CTO (Technology & Innovation)

Jessica Nguyen-Hoang

Director business development

Sébastien Fabbi


Mélissa Marganne

Business operations manager

Artem Shatalov

UX/UI Designer

Ouissem Gombra

Community manager

Nadège Bacchetti

Accounting and financial analyst

Ian Lin

CEO FlipNpik Asia

Ian Scarffe

Marketing advisor

Simon Cocking

PR advisor

Laurent Leloup

Blockchain advisor

Nikolay Shkilev

Strategic business advisor

Jeremy Khoo

Retail Advisor

Eric Alexandre Ceret

Creative Advisor

Eric Alexandre Ceret

Creative Advisor

Jeremy Khoo

Retail Advisor

Nadira Hajjar

President (FlipNpik North America)

Xavier Harland

CFO (FlipNpik North America)

Geneviève Wiedmann Harland

Legal counsel (FlipNpik North America)

Alexandra Jargilo

Director of visual production (FlipNpik North America)

Adrien Charretton

Senior multimedia graphic designer (FlipNpik North America)

Chloé Champoux-Rhéaume

Content creator (FlipNpik North America)

Elias Serrano

Graphic Designer (FlipNpik North America)

Marion Lafon

Communications and public relations coordinator (FlipNpik North America)

Jatin Dudhat

Web application developer

Paras Chodavadiya

Android Developer

Camille Fertel

PhD Economic Science Specialist in mathematical and algorithmic elaboration and modeling

Mathilde Marcy

Master in Business Analysis, Quantitative Methode works Specialist in mathematical and algorithmic elaboration and modeling

Elie Chatta

Business development agent in the Middle East and in North Africa

Naheda Hajjar

Marketing and sales agent in the Middle East and in North Africa

Samantha Damis

Event and customer relations coordinator (FlipNpik North America)

Julien Debut

Commercial development

Kevin Pitt

Content creator (FlipNpik North America)

Xavier Baloche

Content creator (FlipNpik North America)

Gauravkumar Parvadiya

Mobile developer (FlipNpik North America)


Token Info

Price in ICO
1 FNP = 0.12 USD
Tokens for sale

Investment Info

This data is not yet available.

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