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 Yanu (PreICO)

Yanu (PreICO)

Bringing Service Robots to Everyday Situations


YANU serves beverages, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients. Yes, you can pay for your beverage with our token. We're doing an ICO to raise funds for building Yanu units and make it possible to place them to all major transportation hubs, entertainment and sports venues. With a ready prototype and a strong team behind it, we're confident that Yanu will be the first of its kind.

About Yanu (PreICO)

Robolab is a service robotics company that initiates a major change in the food and beverages industry. For that revolution, we have designed an autonomous bartending unit that is much faster and more capable than regular human workforce in that position. With several advantages, it makes the machine break through the usual bartending bottlenecks and turns losses into fast profit at ease. The bartender from future is called “Yanu” and has its own AI-powered soul that knows lots of recipes for beverages, communicates with customers and does not need human interference to operate.

The team of Robolab consists of university scientists, top designers, entertainment and bar industry professionals who have gathered to give their best effort in creating new and exciting solutions in service robotics. The company has advisors from a wide range of relevant fields and is constantly recruiting, especially sales force now. Our inventions and patents are owned by the company just as all other assets and rights. Yanu machine is being tested and prototyped at the moment, so the very future is nearby.

Our market is wide: all the busy public places around the world where beverages would be served is our playground. Despite the wide opportunities, we will aim our closest market — the European Union first. Robolab has several sales managers over Europe and first agreements have already been made, thanks to the flexible contracts and rising interest towards our solution for common problems in that industry. Yanu with its small size and amazing design fits well in every environment. This makes the unit suitable for big transportation hubs, nightlife venues, big events and any other places with lots of people, who are usually waiting in a line to be served. Robolab is planning to cross-market our machine in cooperation with major beverages companies, creating them a highly noticeable and novelty advertising space with this futuristic robotic barman. Yanu will speak for itself.

The Yanu token is created to boost our production cycle and scale up manufacturing but not only. We are creating several possibilities for our clientele to benefit from the token. For instance solid discounts in purchasing the unit, services and even beverages at the venues. We have set up a safe system to allocate and convert your investment, etc. Feel free to get acquainted with all that information in following paragraphs. In addition to that, You will find a detailed description of our team, financials, business model, a roadmap of our plans plus every fact about the ICO and Yanu token economics.

The Team

Alan Adojaan

CEO & Marketing

Jan Graps

Industrial Designer, Design team

Ken Ruut

Industrial Designer, Design team

Alvo Aabloo

CTO, Science team leader

Priit Kull

Engineer and construction specialist, Building team leader

Henrik Aavik

Applaud, Application development team leader

Karl Kruusmäe


Teet Tilk

Leading electronics and system design engineer

Kalle Pruuden

Engineer and construction specialist, Building team leader

Kristjan Sild

CFO and Sales

Cedric Simon

Sales Manager, Europe

Johannes Kanter

Marketing team leader

Oliver Raal

Marketing Team

Eliise Siidirätsep

Community Manager

Ahmed Helmi

Robotics Team

Mike Reiner


Miikka Saloseutu


Aleksander Tõnnisson


Andrei Korobeinik


Andrus Purde


Priit Martinson



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