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The #1 Industrial Commodity


Commodity-backed tokens equal to certain amount of physical product with large discounts. Buyback guarantee with predefined prices and schedule. Ability to redeem tokens for physical product (for users or re-sellers).

About HPQ (PreICO)

Invest in a Real Industry
A real industrial project that you can visit and a real product that you can touch.

Stable and Guaranteed Returns

Buyback guarantee and ability to redeem tokens for product. Buyback prices are pre-defined in USD. Product prices are also very stable - you do not have to worry about the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Ready to Begin

Everything is ready to start - technology, team, sales, industrial park, financial model and detailed plans.
You can visit our office and project site at any time. In addition, we will be updating our investors on our progress through our website and social media.

Unique and Exciting Technology

Our technology is a novel approach to produce high purity and ultra-pure quartz. We have thoroughly tested this technology over the past few years, and are very excited by the results.

Strong Team

We have a very experienced team to make this project successful and become one of the leading global companies in the industry.

The Team

Vladimir Borchev


Sami Quraishy


Sergei Golovach


Henry Joseph-Grant


Alexander Astakhov


Zachary Latif


Tran Quoc Dat



Token Info

Platform Type
Price in ICO
1 HPQ = 2 USD

Investment Info

This data is not yet available.

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