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Giving value to your online videos


BuzzShow is currently the most advance blockchain based social media video network platform that provide a platform that puts the interests of content creators, curators and viewers first. The blockchain uses Goldies as the cryptocurrency that incentives creation, sharing and viewing of videos on the BuzzShow platform. Members of the platform not only earn as content creators, but they also earn when they share and view videos. This is the first fully developed social video network that allows everyone involved to contribute and earn money on the platform as part of its unique proof of contribution mechanism.

About BuzzShow

BuzzShow is a bloackchain based social media video network with a completed Minimum Viable Product that rewards users with BuzzShow Goldies Tokens for creating, curating, sharing & viewing videos.

It is one of the first video social network sites that adopts blockchain technology to provide a platform that puts the interests of content creators, curators and viewers first.   

BuzzShow is committed to ensuring that the revenue generated from advertisements and premium subscriptions are equitably distributed between the entire “food chain” including content creators, curators, marketers, and the consumers according to the level of their participation and popularity on the platform according to proof of contibution mechanism developed and embbeded in the core of the BuzzShow platform.

The platform will be using  IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) in its upcoming release to give content creators the option and ensure that the content can be truly decentralized. This allows files to be stored without relying on a centralized database as most video websites rely on. As a result, BuzzShow will not susceptible to any DOS attacks or ransomware attacks because the videos will be held in multiple systems.  IPFS is also faster, more open and safer than the centralized database reliant methods of video streaming.  It will allow the platform to be truly decentralized while saving bandwidth costs considerably.


The Team

Offer Kohen

CEO & Founder, Serial Seasoned Entrepreneur

Robert Ezri

Head Block Chain Development

Moazzam Ali

Head Of IT Operation

Ofer Oved

Business Development Advisor

Avner Parnes

Financial Investment Advisor

David Leibowitz

Entertainment Market Advisor

Sjef Pijnenburg

UGC And Premium Content Advisor

Maarten Van Wieren

Economics, Financial Advisor

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain – ICO Advisor / Consultant / Strategist / Investor


Token Info

Tokens for sale
Price in ICO
1 GLDY = 0.50 USD

Investment Info

Distributed in ICO
Min. investment
20 USD

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