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Green Energy Network


The GreenX Network is a blockchain ecosystem that was created with the objective of enabling both individuals and institutions to profit from investing in renewable energy projects with diminished risks. The company was created because there is a high demand for investment with renewable energy projects but sometimes they face difficulties when to get their funding. As some investors consider these projects to be risky, they tend to choose other ones and the GreenX Network intends to chance that. The creators of the GreenX Network believe in the potential of the so-called green energy and also in its rentability. This market has been growing constantly since the last decade and even in recent years the numbers are amazing. Because of this, renewable energy can definitely be the energy of the future, at least according to the company. For the developers of renewable energy projects, the GreenX Network can represent an easy way to enter into a global pool of funds that can be paid upfront by the investors. While for the people interested in investing, they can have the chance to know more about companies that will probably be successful and invest in them even if they do not have many funds.

About GreenX

Investors’ benefits.
Access to profitable, eco-friendly projects without extensive fund commitments.
Can contribute to projects around the world without border and legislation limits.
High level of privacy protection.
Professional due diligence and A.I. risk report for each investment.

The Team

Stanley Nguyen

Founder & CEO

Florian Wegmann

Investor Relations

Dennis Duong

Founder & CTO

Teresa Dang

Chief Marketing Manager

Gabriel Dinh

Product Manager

Tung Kieu

A.I. Scientist

Hayden Bui

Senior Software Engineer

Jacob Tang

Database Engineer

Anik Dang

Blockchain Advisor

Urs Lustenberger

Legal Advisor

Charles Jurczynski

Energy Advisor

Riccardo Gubbioli

Energy Advisor

Igor Alexander Terevsky

Energy Advisor

Dung Nguyen

Senior Blockchain Advisor


Token Info

Platform Type
Price in ICO
1 GEX = 0.20 USD
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