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 Hoard Wallet

Hoard Wallet

One Wallet for Your Cash & Cryptocurrency


Our Mission: To empower anyone, anywhere in the world to hold, track, transfer and transact with any digital asset from their mobile device, privately and instantly. We’re not building a bank, we’re reinventing banking. Why Hoard: Traditional banking is slow and expensive. Crypto-tech is complex and stifles adoption. Markets are hard to enter which block participation. Cryptocurrencies aren’t fungible like cash. Systems are missing critical machine learning and automation. Dapps and chains can be extremely fragmented. This is a nightmare for everyday consumers. Who wants to use 7 apps just to manage 4 currencies or transact between 2 parties? Simplicity is not a patent. It’s time for real change. Hoard App: An open source mobile wallet to store, swap, send or spend cryptocurrency and cash. An app that layers over blockchain to make it easier for consumers to adopt and transact with their peers. All backed by a second layer blockchain protocol for transaction scalability.

About Hoard Wallet

Hoard® is building a bridge between centralized financial services and the new trustless tokenized economy. We're focused on offering a better user experience for peer-to-peer transactions, merchant services, portfolio growth and financial management with cash, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Our mission is to empower anyone, anywhere in the world to hold, track, transfer and transact with any digital asset from their mobile device, privately and instantly.

We firmly believe in financial inclusion, the development of an open financial system and that open source technology is vital for the future. We also believe that individuals have the right to transact how they want, with whomever they want, without intervention. Hoard stands behind decentralization and crypto-economics and the freedoms they present.

In order to achieve our goal the team behind Hoard has been tasked with developing an uncompromising user experience and exceptional security backed by phenomenal customer support. In addition to our mobile application, we're developing a second layer transaction protocol that's scalable and interoperable between blockchains.

The Team

Jason Davis


Dan Lipert


Brian Haynes


George Worrell


Joseph Akintolayo

Platform Management

Jim Jacob

Operations & Admin

Eric Gibb

Lead Developer

Zach Gibb


Andrew Koller

Backend Developer

Sumit Chakraborty

Lead Designer

Kyle Bebeau

Visual Design

Heath Kamp

UX Design - UX Visionary and Extreme Prototyper

Brandon Barez

Community Channels

Dustin Trauernicht


Alex Ham

Community Moderator

Corey Billington

Community Moderator

Bradley Townsend

Community Moderator

Aled Ball

Community Moderator

Aaron Kahler


Chris Maddern

Mobile Advisor

Kyle Ellicott

Startup Advisor

Ian Gertler

Marketing Advisor

Ryan David Williams

Legal Advisor

Amanda Schmidgall

Customer Support Technician

Troy Ginsburg

Customer Support Technician

Tim McGlynn

Customer Support Technician

Donnie Mehrtens

Lead Customer Support

Daniel Keener

Community Engagement


Token Info

Tokens for sale
Price in ICO
1 ETH = 4,000 HOARD

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