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 Airsave Travel (PreICO)

Airsave Travel (PreICO)

Earn Money Toward Your Travel Goals


Airsave Travel is a game-changing part of the ongoing blockchain revolution because it takes on the process of saving money for travel and converts it from a slow, laborious, isolated and individual process, into a social process that generates steady returns and is entirely transparent. Aside from being transparent, there is the feature of decentralization, which is a major highlight of the blockchain technology. Decentralization enables the AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC token), to increase in value as opposed to saving and earning in fiat. Airsave Travel’s centralized version is available on the Apple App Store since July 2017. This app is built with a back-end system designed to track and manage earned virtual-points and real-world money through the admin panel when users save money for their travels with their friends. What this means is that the system effectively tracks all users’ referrals and travel earnings, which is paid out to users at four-month intervals: in STA Travel vouchers and fiat. More information about our planned decentralised product is provided as you read along.

About Airsave Travel (PreICO)

Most people dream of being able to experience the world from a different viewpoint, but while it is one thing to dream, it is quite another thing to put together the finances to make it possible. Now, by means of our exclusive partnership with the global travel company STA Travel (, you can combine the power of the blockchain with your Facebook friends list, and use it to save and earn money toward your travel goals!

Airsave Travel is a decentralised application (DApp), being built in 2018. It is the one click technology which requires no sign in, login or install. Airsave Travel utilizes blockchain technology to seamlessly attract, authenticate and reward all users within its ecosystem who want to save and earn money for their travels - together. Test us out for free by saving in crypto-points - before you save a small amount of money each month, with our brand new cryptocurrency: AirsaveCoins (ASTC), or in fiat. You will see how easily crypto-points can triple your real earnings, while tracking both virtual and real balances in real time. Using the existing Airsave concept (currently available on the App Store), along with open-sourced blockchain technology, you can use your friend network to earn money for all your travels.

When you save £20 each month with us (or the equivalent in ASTC), you earn £5 every month for each friend you save with, and as you invite your friends and grow your referral list, you can watch your uncapped earnings grow. Every 4 months, you can then withdraw your savings and earnings in fiat or any cryptocurrency of your choice, with a minimum of 20% of the sum paid out as travel vouchers - from our exclusive partner STA Travel.

Airsave Travel is an innovative social saving DApp, which rewards users for saving for their travels – with their online friends and social contacts. Before saving a small fixed fee in ASTC or fiat, users can test the DApp first, by saving and earning in crypto-points. Here they can track their savings balance, refer their friends and withdraw their savings and earnings as STA Travel vouchers, real cash or ASTC (and other cryptocurrencies), all from their smartphone or device.

Our platform is open-sourced, allowing the majority of ASTC tokens to be controlled by users and investors. With ASTC tokens, users can have access to the application. Also, these tokens can be redeemed in rewards – at four-month intervals. Currently, 200,000 ASTC tokens have been reserved through an initial airdrop to potential users of the DApp all around the world. These reserved tokens will be vested in the smart contract for three months after the ICO has ended. The vesting period will be used to prevent the tokens from being sold on the exchange immediately after the ICO has finished. This way, we can have some time to educate the ASTCtoken owners (the travellers), on how to use their tokens within the DApp and how to buy ASTC from investors who are looking to sell their ASTC tokens for a profit.

Airsave Travel gives users the opportunity to see how they will fund their travels by letting them save in crypto-points, which enables them to see how saving virtually can easily triple real earnings. Users can also track their trip save and earn balances in real time, earn monthly, recurring rewards by inviting their friends, watch their friend referral list grow and withdraw their savings and earnings as travel vouchers from our exclusive partner STA Travel, or up to 80% in ASTC tokens or other cryptocurrencies - all from their smartphone or device. Both users and investors have a lot to benefit from our platform.

Distinguished as the one-click technology, Airsave Travel will require no sign in, login or install. It will utilize blockchain technology to seamlessly attract, authenticate and reward all users who want to save and earn money for their travels with their friends. Currently, the process of saving up for a trip is a centralized, individual effort dependent on a single source of income and some variable factors. Using the blockchain, Airsave Travel will convert this problematic, isolated struggle into a shared, collaborative effort that enables users to refer friends and earn money per referral, in addition to other perks given by the platform. The platform itself employs a clear strategy for generating revenue, and because of its blockchainbasis, its rules are fixed and free of human interference.
What this means is that potentially, there now exists a platform operating on the immutable rules of the blockchain, which gives regular people the opportunity to use the blockchain to make money and save money for their travels, with a simple user interface and easily understandable rules. As of July 2017, the current version of Airsave Travel is available via Apple’s App Store, where it has amassed over 4,000 early adopters. The Airsave Travel distributed app is also under construction and is slated for release later in 2018.


The Team

Sarah Dales

Founder, CEO

Marina Baslina

Marketing Strategist & Adviser

Faisal Ahmed

Front-end Graphic Designer

Vivek Verma

Lead developer

Jerry Fuqua


Charlotte Thornton


Saurav Tomar


Dmitry Pshenin




Civic Technologies


STA Travel



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Price in ICO
1 ASTC = 0.25 USD

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