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First Cryptocurrency Based on a Revolutionary Material


GraphenTech is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and founded by an HP experienced engineer. The team that joins him is composed of about thirty professionals expert in innovation, blockchain and graphene. The 77G token is a security token to participate, support and benefit from the upcoming revolution of graphene. GraphenTech, 77G’ producer, is an industrial company that aims to become a worldwide graphene producer. More than being just a graphene provider, GraphenTech will revolutionize the graphene market by introducing his own graphene-based crypto currency., 77G.

About GraphenTech

In the near future, all transportation in cities will only rely on electrical power, it would mean no pollution, no noise, and a better breathing atmosphere. It is possible that those vehicles will be recharged from home in 5 minutes without burning a hole in pockets as prices of fuel have reached an all-time high. Perhaps in time, travelling from London to New-York will take half of the current flight time through planes more weather resistant, safer, more aerodynamic and lighter, at the same time. It could also be possible that one day all our familiar gadgets of everyday life would be slimmer, faster while lasting longer. Medical improvements could help people heal faster with better understanding and control of biological processes. Now imagine an affordable technology that would give millions of people access to clean and safe drinking water. All these science fiction ideas could soon be part of reality with the development of graphene, also known as the wonder material.

The company GraphenTech NL aims to participate in the revolution of Graphene. To become a reference as a worldwide provider and thus to positively impact the environment, the economy and society as whole.  

The Team

Ernesto Kruger


Raul Molina

Founder and Co-CEO

Ismael Santiago


Ricardo Solórzano


Frank Vargas

Project Manager

Carina Yumisaca


Fabien Dubas


Bogdan Fiedur

Lead developer

Arturo Muñoz


Sergio Soriano

IT Support

Cristian Isaac

Mentor R&D

Diana Coello Fiallos

PhD Physics and Quantum Technologies

Freddy Escobar

PhD / Graphene Specialist

Nancy Yanchaliquin

Chemical Engineering

Pablo Valencia


Rafaela Gaibor

CDO / Mechanical Engineer

Mohammed Elkhatib

Material Engineering R&D

Sylvia Romero


Daniel Sloan

Business Ambassador for North-America

Amna Aljallaf

Business Ambassador for Middle East

Raul Pazos

Business Ambassador for Latine America

Fabian Jean Baptiste

Business Ambassador for Europe

Sergio Lira

Business Ambassador for Russia

Ricardo Rodrigez

FSPA Board Member

Rod Turner

Founder, Manhattan Street Capital

Peter Kloppers

Director General, Press Services BV

Joan Carol

Engineering Manager, Hewlett Packard

Aurelio Mendiguchía

Technical Director, Institute of Technology Tajamar

Bill Jen

Associate VP Sales department, GCC

Nick Ashton

Blockchain Expert

Mike Horsten

Business Manager, Hewlett Packard


Token Info

Tokens for sale
Price in ICO
1 77G = 0.01 USD

Investment Info

Distributed in ICO
Min. investment
10 ETH

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