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 Renaissance Engineering

Renaissance Engineering

Decentralized Construction Projects


Renaissance Engineering is first waves based token which connecting cryptocurrency with real-world products simple,transparent and securely. We are targeting a raise of 210k waves in their month-long ICO, which starts on 1st October. Renaissance Engineering is a seeking to fund its decentralised construction business with a token sale on the Waves platform. RETOKEN (ticker) waves Dex id number : 7HV6xKYPjSyKzSoW6UwhQBdTFUnGoL5dHG2G5ZwSL9QB Please check id number and RETOKEN ticker before buy ! You will be able to buy tokens from sell walls when the ico start.

About Renaissance Engineering

Our idea,basicly is to launch a token on Waves, paying a share of profits over time (30%) as well as conducting regular airdrops monthly. Another main goal of Renaissance Engineering Token Project is increasing the reputation of RETOKEN on wavesplatform. We are aim that every waves dex user will be added RETOKEN to their portfolio for passive income . You just need to hold your tokens on waves wallet to get dividends.

- Profit share

From buildings : %30 percentage of profit will be distributed according to holding percentages per project.

From engineering solution services website : %30 percentage of incomes will be distributed to holders monthly.

*Dividends will be done with waves coin.

- Airdrops

1st year : %4 monthly loyalty airdrop

2nd year : %2 monthly loyalty airdrop will be done according to holding percentages

*Airdrops will be done with RETOKEN

The Team

Cagdas Yilmaz

Co-founder & Civil Engineer

Gizem Gonen

Interior Designer & CMO

Burak Kus

Mechanical Engineer & COO

Sitki Annakkaya

Cİvil Engineer & Head of Business

Mustafa Ulusoy

Developer & Blockchain Architect

Emre Uluçam

CFO & Financial Head

Umut Aydeniz

Supply chief & Civil Engineer


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