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Global Automotive Marketplace


Through autoXchange private vehicle owners and dealers can carry out the entire sales process, from sales and marketing to the signing of finance agreements. autoXchange removes the middlemen and all associated fees. Utilising blockchain technology, autoXchange will create and use the aXc decentralised ledger to store the vehicle history and facilitate transactions using the aXc native token so that all sales are transparent and secure. Through the additional use of smart contracts, aXc token holders will be able to provide P2P car financing and pool aXc tokens with other holders to invest as a community. The decentralized aXc ledger is the engine that regulates all transactions and relationships between all entities. The aXc ledger will keep a record of transactions and vehicle providence, regulating these through transparent and effective smart contracts. As an open source project, the aXc ledger will be free to use by any 3rd party marketplace or application. This will enable market adoption of aXc resulting in increased usage of the aXc token worldwide.

About autoXchange

Blockchain technology has the ability to fundamentally transform how companies and customers interact. The functionality that it provides can revolutionize whole industries, placing the customer at the center of a transaction process. It provides the opportunity to disrupt whole sections of the economy, removing wasteful and time-consuming processes. The value of a blockchain solution is generated through solving an immediate and difficult problem. This is most evident when it speeds up transaction times and obliterates wasteful and inefficient processes and procedures. These are often generated by middle men, banks, lawyers or other intermediaries. Traditionally, their role is to hold data, provide finance, add security and satisfy legislation, which although necessary, generate huge costs. These are then passed on to the customer or the seller has to absorb them reducing their profitability. Blockchain has the ability to remove these, without compromising security or functionality. We will clearly identify the problems that will be solved through autoXchange and explain why blockchain is fundamental to removing them in the automotive industry. We will show how our solution will have dramatic and profitable benefits for all the parties involved.

The car buying market is a very large and complex industry. For the buyer, they are frustrated by high costs generated by a financial services industry that has expensive and inefficient legacy infrastructure. They also pay fees (sometimes hidden) to intermediaries that add no value but have become engrained in the transaction process. The dealer also has significant barriers to overcome. Not only are they in a highly competitive market, but also incur expensive fees that detract from their profitability. The dealers are subject to high advertising costs, high sourcing costs, and their inventory is limited to available cashflow. All these problems are solved by the creation of autoXchange. autoXchange will provide an ecosystem & market place for Car purchasing, financing, and investing. By utilizing blockchain technology autoXchange will create and utilize the aXc decentralised ledger to facilitate the procurement process so that all sales are transparent and reduce unnecessary fees incurred during the purchase. It will cut out all advertising fees and no commission will be charged for any transactions.

The Team

Richard Brown

Founder & CEO

Philip Thompson

Cofounder & COO

Leila Mansouri

General Counsel

Toralf Lahs

VP Sales

Elias Bou-Ghson

VP Channel

Mable Nakubulwa PhD

Data Scientist & Researcher

Artem Zaitsev

Blockchain and ICO development for B2B sector

Anastasiia Storcheus

Project Manager – S-PRO

David Murray-Hundley

Automotive Tech Investor

Sally Eaves

Blockchain Influencer

Jonny Voon

Blockchain at Innovate UK

Yagub Rahimov

CEO 7marketz Inc. Group

Owen Edwards

Automotive M&A at Grant Thornton

Mishaal Fahd Alsudairy

Fmr President of Saudi Motor Federation

Thorsten Schaefer


Ian Brown

Technology Investor

Grace Bian

Entrepreneur & China Advisor

Debbie Venn

Legal advisor

Ben Colley

Token advisor


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