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 Get Do It

Get Do It

The GetDoIt Service


The GetDoIt platform is the first internet portal worldwide that covers all spheres of services connected with moving. Our service is developed as an intermediate between a Customer and a Service Provider. The highlight of our Project is that GetDoIt is a blockchain-based platform, which provides both security and transparency. The GetDoIt service is completely transparent and legal.

About Get Do It

Basing on the exponential growth of urbanization and movement rates as well as the huge consequent market need, we developed the internet portal GetDoIt. It is the first internet platform worldwide of this kind. Our portal is the first service that covers all spheres connected with movement: transportation and logistics, assembling of furniture and household appliances, renovation and remodeling of apartments and houses, repair and maintenance. And our service is also the first one in the world of this kind that is based on the blockchain. The arrangement between a customer and a contractor is executed via smart contract, which provides automatization and a very high level of security (see 4. Blockchain As An Essential Part Of The Getdoit Service). On our platform one can find all services needed, which makes the whole process of moving to a piece of cake!

Our platform functions as a mediator between a customer who needs definite services (transport, renovation, repair etc.) and a contractor who provides services. Our service lightens the access of a customer to a contractor. The group of vendors ranges from huge respected multiservice companies to freelancers. In such a way, the customer has a great variety of choice and can select the most suitable contractor, according to one’s needs, preferences, and budget.

The arrangement established on our platform is controlled by our service based on blockchain using smart contracts. The quality of the work performed according to the contract is also controlled by our service. At the same time, the customers can leave comments and rate the vendors, so that it is the interests of contractor not only to perform his job, but also to do it good.

To sum up, after short registration, the customer can easily find a contractor or a group of them for transporting the property, assembling furniture, renovation of both the new and the previous apartment etc. Each vendor is already validated; one can also read reviews about the contractor and see his rating. The customer can find the correlation between rating and price that will fit him or her best! And it doesn’t matter, if one is moving within a city or across the country. In future, even international moving will be covered by our service. Moreover, the customer will not have to pay for these services a cent at all! Due to the GetDoIt platform everyone gets profit: the customer finds a reliable contractor, and the contractor receives an order almost for free with a minimum fee.

The Team

Pavel Topchiy

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sergius Penkow

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Anton Giss

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Andriy Fursov

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Elena Topchiy

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Eugen Tomaili

Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Igor Yemyelyanov

Blockchain Developer

Viktor Belov

Leading Blockhain Developer

Denis Shilin

Blockchain Adviser

Igor Zhabskiy


Simon Cocking

Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT

Jeremy Khoo

Group CEO iFashion Group / VP MC Payment / Blockchain Entrepreneur

Paul Francis

Blockchain Enthusiast & Researcher with 11 Years in Corporate Events Industry.

Graham R Clark



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