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Our vision is to unleash true globalization of banking for everyone, With the use of evolutionary Blockchain technologies.


The Sprinkle Ecosystem Our vision is to unleash true globalization of banking for everyone. With the use of evolutionary blockchain technologies, we are creating the first open and borderless ecosystem of financial services. Simplification at the core of this ecosystem will incentivize all participants – users, traders, and partners – to work in the same direction to make a global frictionless investment environment. Combined, our connected products will give users all the tools they need to quickly and effectively take control over their financial future, directly from their smartphones.

About SprinkleCoin

Social Investing by SprinkleBit

Imagine being able to see exactly what the stock and crypto gurus are buying, when they are selling, and why. In the fast-paced world of investing, information is everything. Getting a notification every time your favorite investor makes a trade simplifies things. Being able to invest together with your friends does too.

SprinkleBit is already a leading social network for investing in stocks. Our bespoke VPI (Value Prediction Index) is what got us started back in 2011. It's derived from crowdsourced data from our community, and can give our users accurate predictions regarding a stock's future or an investor's credibility. 

Users can utilize our cutting edge crowd-sourcing technology and join investors of all skill levels and expertise as they share insights, answer questions, and discuss hot topics in the stock market. Users can also dive into SprinkleBit's interactive investment courses and quickly go from novice to pro with SprinkleBit University. Our powerful stock market simulator lets users practice and test trading strategies as you would in a real, live situation, but without risking a dollar of your hard earned money. 

SprinkleCoin holders can buy one year of SprinkleBit Premium for only 99 SCOI (usual price $9.99/month). SprinkleBit Premium gives you access to powerful analytical tools, such as the Analyzer, which can tell you whether a stock is under or overvalued.

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One Exchange to Rule Them All

SprinkleXchange is the next generation's capital market. It will be the first crypto exchange in the world to adoptsmart order routing . That means that when you place an order to buy a cryptocurrency on SprinkleXchange, your order will automatically be routed to best execution. In other words, you will always buy at the lowest price available on the market, and sell at the highest price available on the market.

Furthermore, companies of all sizes will be able to go public on SprinkleXchange and raise capital through either an STO or ICO. We are providing a global alternative to the traditional IPO, giving companies direct access to investors from all around the world. 

SprinkleXchange will be fully licensed and compliant with rules and regulations.

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Decentralized Global Settlement Layer

The true value from SprinkleGroup's ecosystem is unravelled when you connect all the parts of the system with the settlement API. The development network will then utilize the settlement API to build crowdfunding platforms, ICO networks, and micro-lending. It will make investing into a true borderless experience.

Cash to Crypto

SprinkleCoin will be used as a decentralized cash handling system where you can buy SprinkleCoin as easily as shopping for groceries in your local market. Through a global network of vendors, people can convert their cash to SprinkleCoin and get access to investing through SprinkleXchange in an instant.

SprinkleCoin Executive Club

If you purchase at least 10,000 SprinkleCoin you will become a member of SprinkleCoin Executive Club. The membership gives you early access to all IPO’s and listings on SprinkleXchange, including SprinkleXchange's IPO which will be disclosed in the near future. 

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The Team

Tomas Wallin

Chairman & CEO

Vladyslav Kolesov

Chief Technical Officer

Dennis Friberg

Digital Growth Manager

Irakli Dzneladze

Head of SprinkleXchange

Mathias Matson

Chief Design Officer

Antoun Toubia

CEO, UCI Global

Ivan Novosiolov

CMO, Applicature


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