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Reinventing The Logistics of Life


The Last-Mile Blockchain for Convenient Deliver. NextPakk is a Blockchain enabled, distributed logistics solution for Last Mile Delivery. It pioneers radical transparency in last-mile logistics that gives back convenience, control and choice to consumers. We're creating an ecosystem built on a scalable local commerce where consumers, retailers, local businesses, community drivers and carriers work together with a win win outcome.

About NextPakk

NextPakk is a delivery service that allows the customer to schedule delivery within a one hour window ensuring the customer is home when the package arrives. NextPakk utilizes blockchain technology to track packages, while protecting customers identity and ensuring timely delivery.
For delivery of packages, NextPakk utilizes the shared economy similar to Lyft, Uber, and AirBnB. Individuals can earn additional income on their free time by delivering packages for NextPakk.

The Team

Lowell Fortune


Sergey Tolkachev

Chief Algorithms Officer

Dileep Kamujula

Technical Advisor

P.B. Stanton

Chief Legal Officer

Chad Kielty

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Donelon

Chief Marketing Officer


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