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Personal health & fitness wallet connected to health apps and wearables. Token rewards for pre-defined trackable health goals enabled by smart contracts. Businesses, establishment and professionals accept payment on the platform. Health, fitness and healthcare data storage for individual's future use and benefit.

About Zealeum


Zealeum is a decentralized blockchain-based health, fitness and healthcare ecosystem that connects individuals with health-and-fitness businesses and services. Zealeum community members are able to create actionable health profiles where they can securely store, view, leverage, and even sell their own data. Ecosystem members will also be able to earn ERC20-compliant Zealeum tokens for any number of health-related activities. Businesses and service providers have exceptional opportunities to promote optimal health and wellness for their customers while amplifying their marketing messaging and reaching entirely new audiences for exponential revenue growth.

Strong Experienced Team

Zealeum's team is comprised of experts across health & wellness, organic foods, financial, medicine, stock market, and complex software development industries.

The top key team members includes:

Suman Das - CTO: Suman was the Chief Scientist & CTO who led the development of Unocoin, India's Bitcoin exchange, and who was also the lead software developer that made it possible to drive millions for Yahoo and PayPal. Bachelor of Science - Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. DOEACC A' Level - Computer Science

Richard Rivet CEO: Richard took two of his companies to market in successful IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings). He has over a decade of experience in running successful private and listed companies including a registered charity in the health field that helps special needs kids. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Jason Coles CFO:  Jason has developed his own crypto currency which became listed on many exchanges.Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting

Kenny Kapiniak COO: Expertise in marketing and advertising with decades of experience in business development & management in the health and wellness industry. Past asset management director and developer of a foreign exchange platform. Kenny also founded the World Wide Shoppers Club which is a large rewards based membership with thousands of retail partners.

Lee Raj (Ethereum Developer). Lee is a specialist in ICO development through Smart Contracts which includes: token development, crowdsale contracts, vesting contracts, multi signature for holding funds and unit testing for contracts. MVP and architectural development of products on the ETH chain. Theoretical knowledge on issues related to consensus mechanism (POW, POS), Sharding, State Channels, Lighting Network, data structures (Merkle and Patricia tress). Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering - Computer Software. 

Subramanian Venkatesan (Smart Contract Developer): Subramanian is a specialist in smart contracts for token sales (ICOs, ERC20, Vesting, Proof of Concepts, etc). Skills: Ethereum blockchain smart contracts using solidity and truffle. Node.js, React and Redux. He takes great pleasure in teaching ethereum programming at the local meetups. Subramanian has a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) - Computer Science.

Claude Charbonneau (Partnership Development Officer): Claude brings decades of retail and wholesale ownership business experience in every aspect of the natural and organic food products sector. His commitment to community partnerships and social responsibility have always been an integral part of his successful business decisions.

Rickey Paley (Senior Communications Officer): Public Relations strategist and communications expert with over 20 years of extensive professional business management experience in both the public and private sectors. Founder of a social networked organization connecting retail business professionals to patrons utilizing a rebated rewards program for thousands of members worldwide. 

Liborio Barone -. (Marketing Director): Formerly a Financial Securities Advisor, became deeply intrigued by blockchain technology & disruptive business models. Skilled in ICO promotion, content creation, white papers, bounty campaigns, and business strategy & relations. Specialized in Ethereum & smart contract technology and their real-world applications. Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Finance as well as a Diplôme d’études collégiales (College Degree) focused in Accounting. Completed CFA Level 1 Exam.

Special Advisors include:

Dr. Joe Klassen - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine: - Dr. Klassen has a special interest in the naturopathic principle. He teaches anatomy & physiology, cellular biology and pathology at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary. In addition, he does wellness consulting and health education for corporations and community organizations of many types. He offers educational seminars to thousands of followers at local health food stores, community associations or events on topics such as hormones, stress, allergies, digestive disfunction, children’s health, fertility and many others.

David Itkow - Also known as Sunwolf, David is a well-known health and wellness advocate, educator and entrepreneur, who has been in the holistic health arena for over 40 years. Following the path towards promoting health, he became educated years ago in several holistic modalities, such as reflexology, iridology, nutrition and more. With a natural ability to connect people, David embraced network marketing to showcase cutting edge products such as Healthy Socks, Superior Non-GMO Superfoods, Pure Lights and more.

The rest of the Zealeum team can be seen at 

The Team

Richard Raymond Rivet


Kenny Kapiniak


Jason Coles


Suman Das


Rickey Paley

Senior Comm. Officer

Derek Heck

Creative Director

Liborio Barone

Marketing Director

Moe Sobh

Business Development Director

Lee Raj

Ethereum Developer

Subramanian Venkatesan

Smart Contract Developer

Zachary Woods


Stephan Wright

Social Media Manager


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