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TIM is a revolutionary blockchain network that utilizes a two-layer implementation that shards, or splits, the universal blockchain into a number of DAGs(graphs) in order to maximize efficiency of the network and provide a framework that can scale to any level of activity, potentially taking on even 100 million transactions per section.

About TIM

TIM is dynamically sharded two layer blockchain of multiple graphs and one blockchain having distributed merkle tree.

The lower layer is made of many graphs(DAG - Directed acyclic graphs) which create micro consensus by ABFT. The UTXO is maintained in light-mode and is attack safe by multigraph of dynamic forking. The DAGs can sustain 10,000 TPS when the region is very small, like when the number of DAGs reaches 10,000. The peak performance can reach 100 Million TPS. The network scales as per demand.

TIM blockchain aims to onboard various types of business transactions of money and non-money(contracts, promises, commitments). The smart contracts of high bandwidth blockchain is real and practical solution for organisations to create seamless automation in efficient and cost effective manner. Every smart contract needs TIM for mining or staking, if DAPP is a subchain.

Investors stand to benefit from early entry into the TIM network. The usage of TIMs is expected to increase with increasing interest of businesses in blockchain. TIM has solved the bandwith conundrum and has created enough entry barrier with technology, patent and team.

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Token Info

Platform Type
Price in ICO
1 TIM = 1.5 USD
Tokens for sale
Sold tokens
33,689,125Updated on 15th Feb 2018 12:31:48

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